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Technical Illustration

As the preferred choice of technical illustrators in precision industries, Canvas 14 comes with all the powerful vector object illustration and advanced raster image editing tools you need, in one integrated, flexible design environment.

Technical Illustration and Enhancement with Greater Control

Work with vector and raster images

Canvas’ integrated design environment lets you work with both vector graphics and raster images in the same document, with the same powerful enhancement tools.

Draw and Edit with Precision

Resize and scale objects, add fill and stroke inks, widths and other attributes, and draw shapes – all with measured precision and placement. Take advantage of specialized tools to draw complex shapes including rounded rectangles, complex polygons, cubes, spirals, grids and rectangular boxes in isometric views. Draw and edit paths and curve segments using the control points that define them.

Canvas 14 add objects
Canvas 14 symbol library

Add on-the-fly illustration objects

Instantly add re-usable dynamic objects to drawings. Access thousands of commonly used and specialized technical symbols from Canvas 14's pre-loaded Symbol Library collection, or create your own custom symbols using any vector, text or composite object.

Symbol categories include:

  • Buildings
  • Cartography
  • Electrical
  • Energy
  • Environmental
  • Transportation
  • Landscaping
  • Oil & Gas
  • Flowchart symbols
  • Forensics
  • Home & Office
  • Hydrologic
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Packaging & Shipping
  • Power Utilities
  • Mining

Work flexibly with vector objects

Illustrate, edit and augment all forms of complex visual objects with Canvas 14's wide variety of professional tools and powerful Sprite technology. Canvas’ proprietary SpriteLayers™ and SpriteEffects™ can be used to apply image and transparency effects without rendering; all your graphics remain completely editable. Specialized technologies such as channel masks, vector masks, gradient transparency tools and opacity effects are also available for advanced techniques.

Canvas 14 raster tools

Access raster image editing tools

Create, edit and augment raster images, including GIF, JPG, TIFF, PICT, BMP and EPS, with a host of industry standard and specialized techniques, tools and filters. Design image compositions, retouch photos, paint and color-correct scanned images, create transparency effects, clone pixels and much more.

Do more with CAD files

Canvas 14 gives you a 3D View and CGM support, as well as CAD-inspired dimensioning tools, creating a seamless complement to AutoCAD® environments. Feel free to size, scale and manipulate CAD objects in the Canvas environment without any loss of data.

Paste Into command

Paste almost anything into a selection within an image, including a selection of a raster image channel, or of a channel mask that’s attached to another object.

Canvas 14 attribute styles

Edit geometry and position data

Completely control vector object coordinates to ensure the accuracy demanded in many engineering and scientific work environments. Create illustrations from geometric data alone, or blend these precise data controls with more traditional illustration techniques in one seamless work environment. At any time, you can view a vector object’s exact width, height, position, reference point and other coordinates via Canvas 14’s Properties Bar, and adjust its numerical position for true precision.

Canvas 14 position data

Create rich data flowcharts

Canvas 14 view documents

Present visually complex information in a logical and easy to understand format. With Canvas 14's Flowchart palette you can design data flowcharts with unprecedented speed and flexibility. Simply select your symbol size, shape and SmartLine™ attributes, and click to place. Customize your flowchart with connection line and shape editing options to complement the overall look and feel of your document.