Canvas Competition - The Art of the Matter

Mike Hibberd, VP Marketing
Canvas Competition - The Art of the Matter

Talk to a Canvas user for any length of time and you’ll hear them express the view that technical illustration is an art form.

It’s impossible to argue. The levels of diligence, precision, and talent that go into generating some of the Canvas illustrations we see are no different from those applied to the creation of more mainstream artworks.

Some of the work created in Canvas is easily accessible, like this stunning cutaway drawing of a Ferrari F40 created back in the day by celebrated automotive technical artist David Rumfelt.

But some has a stranger, functional beauty. Huge and highly complex wiring diagrams might not strike you right away as something you want to stare at, for example, but when you take a closer look you cannot fail to be impressed.

One thing is clear, there’s a huge pool of visual talent out there in the Canvas community, so we’ve decided to run a competition to uncover and showcase as much of it as we can.

The subject can be anything you like and entries must be created in Canvas software. Of course Canvas is able to import so many different file types that you can use whatever you like as the basis for your submission.

Entries can be photographic, drawing-based, or even text-based.

We will feature entries on our social channels and website, and you could win Canvas for life if your work is chosen.

To enter the competition simply email your Canvas creation to

So let’s see what you’ve got!

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