Canvas X Draw App of the Month for Mac Format Magazine

Canvas X Draw App of the Month for Mac Format Magazine

Canvas X Draw, our macOS technical illustration and graphics software, has been selected as App of the Month for the September issue of the prestigious UK magazine Mac Format.

Mike Hibberd
August 14, 2020

The original Canvas software was one of the earliest graphics applications available for Macintosh computers. Initially a desk accessory, it was unique in that it could be used while another program, such as PageMaker, was running simultaneously. It’s hard to believe it now, but this was a radical breakthrough at a time of single-program operation.

There have been many iterations of Canvas since then – and periods of time when Canvas was not available for Mac users. In fact one of our long-term customers actually wrote to Steve Jobs to try and persuade him to buy the macOS Canvas variant and release it as an Apple product!

Fortunately for Apple fans, Canvas X Draw is now well established and into its seventh year.

When it comes to precision illustrations, for technical users, scientific and medical illustrators, engineers, architects and more – Canvas X Draw offers a combination of value and functionality which is unmatched in the market.

Of course, we would say that. So it’s always great to get recognition from market experts of the value that your product offers to customers and potential users.

That’s why all of us at Canvas were thrilled to see X Draw made App of the Month by Mac Format magazine for its September issue.

Canvas X Draw’s App of the Month listing in Mac Format Magazine
Canvas X Draw’s App of the Month listing in Mac Format Magazine

It was great to see X Draw’s  import support for such a wide range of file formats flagged as a key benefit, as well as the software’s powerful versatility in terms of use cases and outputs.

And of course the favorable price comparison to one of our larger competitors didn’t hurt, either.

With X Draw users working in medical research, space exploration, aerospace manufacture, nuclear energy, oil and gas – as well as more typical graphic design and illustration industries – the combination of versatility and value really stands out. And recent improvements in the latest release mean it’s faster and and more powerful than ever before.

Why not check it out for yourself!

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VP Marketing

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