CTO Update - Latest Envision Releases

CTO Update - Latest Envision Releases

Canvas GFX Chief Technology Officer Phil Landman introduces the latest releases of the Envision platform and highlights some of the new functionality, including improved 3D model handling and mobile viewing

Phil Landman
November 18, 2021

With Thanksgiving coming up next week wehad additional incentive to make sure we beat our deadline for the latest releases of the Envision platform.

Release Three of the Creator is now live, and we have some great new additions to the Envision content creation experience. As always we’re focused on optimizing workflows to make knowledge transfer as effective and efficient as possible.

We’re continuing to build out Envision’s 3D visualization functionality in line with requests from our customers. Some highlights of the latest release include:

3D Saved Selection

With the new 3D Saved Selection feature you can easily create custom groupings of selected parts from your 3D models, savethose groupings for instant access, and switch between them with just a coupleof clicks. Perfect for working with complex models with lots of parts.

3D Copy Transformation

3D copy transformation allows you to copy the attributes of a transformation applied to one object and paste them onto another. So if you have the perfect rotation and camera view of one particular model or part, you can instantly create exactly the same view of another model or part.

3D Saved Views

When you’re working with your 3D models, 3D Saved Views lets you snapshot any visualization of the model and save it as a thumbnail which you can access again at any time. Clicking the thumbnail will immediately orient the model in your evdoc in line with the saved view.

In addition we’ve made some optimizations that make working with large 3D models in Envision even faster, and added support for the latest version of AutoCAD/DWG.

While many of our users work primarily on laptops and workstations with full size screens, we have some new customer use cases emerging that focus on a mobile device viewing experience. I can’t say too much about those use cases just yet (think interactive B2C installation & assembly instructions…) but the latest release of our Envision Cloud includes some powerful improvements to the viewing of evdocs on small format and touch-screen devices, and in particular the 3D model interaction.

We have some very cool new functionality coming in the next Envision release due in the early part of 2022, which will add another level of dynamism to the product. The team will take a well deserved couple of days’ rest over the holiday and then we’ll be right back at it.


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Chief Technology Officer

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