Canvas CTO on the latest Envision updates

Latest Envision Updates in the Wild

Canvas GFX CTO Phil Landman shares some details on the latest releases of the Envision desktop and cloud components. PLM integrations and a new embedded viewer are among the highlights

Phil Landman
September 23, 2021

It’s been pedal to the metal in the dev team since the launch of Canvas Envision almost two months ago and I’m happy to report that we’ve nailed our first post-launch deadline with the arrival of the latest releases of both the desktop and cloud components of the Envision platform.

API integrations

In the desktop the big news is that we have completed API integrations with both Siemens Teamcenter and Aras Innovator product management lifecycle (PLM) solutions. These were both requirements which emerged early in our beta process and they underscore the importance of establishing Envision within the wider manufacturing software environment. It’s great to be working with the guys at Aras and Siemens for the benefit of our shared customers.

2D render of 3D model in Canvas Envision showing Thick/THin LInes
Thin/Thick lines in Canvas Envision

Instant dimensioning

Additionally we have introduced a new instant dimensioning function which lets users annotate orthogonal views of 3D objects with real world measurements in just a couple of clicks.

And if you need an easy way to create an orthogonal view from a 3D model before you add those dimensions, we’ve also introduced a neat shortcut to instantly create such a view from any selected model.

The dimensioning feature is a fantastic addition to our annotation labels and lens functions which leverage the rich data embedded in 3D CAD models. Speaking of which we can also now display product and manufacturing information (PMI) in both our desktop and cloud views.

3D vectorization flexibility

Elsewhere in the Creator we have improved our 3D vectorization by giving users the flexibility to choose the level of detail in which a 3D Model is vectorized. There is also a new feature that allows you to specify "Thick/Thin Lines" during vectorization, meaning your 2D vectors will appear to have some depth by varying the width of the edges generated

In the cloud we’re excited to be introducing our embedded viewer, which lets customers put interactive content right into their websites, showcasing the power of their products to a broad audience.

Aligned with that we have developed the capability for Envision users to determine the viewing experiences of different audience cohorts for their interactive evdocs. This means you are able to set a range of interaction levels, choosing who can see which elements of the document, and who can view and inspect your models in various levels of detail.

These are just a few of the changes we have made across the platform; there is a host of additional updates and improvements in these releases.

But there’s no time to sit back and admire the results, we have the next round of cloud and desktop updates already in progress and I look forward to providing another update soon!


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Chief Technology Officer

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