Quick on the Draw – Latest Canvas X Draw Release is Six Times Faster

Mike Hibberd, VP Marketing
Quick on the Draw – Latest Canvas X Draw Release is Six Times Faster

Today we’re excited to announce the latest version of our macOS technical illustration and graphic design product, Canvas X Draw.

We have made some big improvements with this release – version 7.0.20 – to ensure it runs much faster than Canvas Draw 6, which it replaces.

This is the first new release of X Draw since our company rebrand, which saw all of our products aligned around the Canvas X brand.

For this release we have been laser focused on performance, after some changes implemented by Apple last year had an impact on the way Draw 6 behaved for some customers. The most important improvement we’ve made with this release is to ensure that X Draw now runs six times faster than Draw 6, thanks to optimizations in the way we draw to the screen.

Other improvements include:

  • A new QR code tool which lets you create truly interactive documents
  • A Measure Path tool which provides accurate distance measurements between points
  • Additional downloadable symbols which can be found here
  • Updated templates for quicker, simpler document creation

In order to drive such a high performance improvement, we did face a trade-off which resulted in us having to temporarily disable Dark Mode for X Draw. But we will reinstate Dark Mode in the near future when we can be certain performance will not be affected.

Camera illustration in Canvas X Draw
Image courtesy of Jim Wynne

One incredible aspect of X Draw that has not changed in this release is the price. X Draw remains available for the equivalent of just $3.33 a month with our three-year subscription.

If you are not yet a user of X Draw, why not check it out with our free, no-restrictions, 14-day trial!

The latest release is compatible with the Mohave (10.14) and Catalina (10.15) versions of macOS and active Canvas X Draw subscribers can download their version of the new release here.

As always, we love to hear from our customers, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have comments or questions.

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