Webinar - Product documentation: The Foundation of Success

Mike Hibberd, VP Marketing

Check out this webinar to understand how interactive digital work instructions can help reduce scrap and retain the best workforce talent

Webinar - Product documentation: The Foundation of Success


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This webinar, produced in association with the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), and originally broadcast on October 20th, 2022, identifies and explains the critical relationship between effective product documentation and key operational goals, including reducing scrap and retaining the workforce.

Presented by Canvas GFX CEO Pat Hume and moderated by SME Senior Editor Steve Plumb, the webinar digs into the damage which can be wrought by sub-optimal documentation processes, and the wins which can be achieved by addressing the problems.

Manufacturers are battling on three fronts: Supply chain disruption, a loss of institutional knowledge and expertise, and the need to attract and retain the best new talent amid a workforce shortage. Against this backdrop, the ability to minimize and even eradicate production errors and delays has become paramount.

Hume looks at academic research which finds that interactive digital work instructions enable employees to work faster with fewer errors, and shares insights from customers which link improved productivity and performance to employee satisfaction and retention, as well as better company output.

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