Canvas X Pro – Creating technical documentation 50% faster

Canvas X Pro has been adopted by 3D food printing pioneer BeeHex which started life trying to solve the problem of how to feed astronauts on deep space missions and evolved to serve commercial bakeries

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The Best User Experience is One that Makes Life Easier

Canvas X³ is being used by one of our manufacturing customers to drive measurable efficiencies in workflows, and to give employees the ability to work with more autonomy. That's the user experience we aim to deliver.

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A Picture Paints a 100-Page Scheduling Document

Nuclear power plant maintenance project manager Tim explains how he uses Canvas not only to illustrate technical tasks but also to visualize huge scheduling documents in a single Canvas image.


Found in Translation – Keeping F-15s in the Sky

“Canvas is invaluable in taking complex data and making it very easy for front line service personnel to understand.”

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More on the James Webb Space Telescope and the Mars Observer

If you've read our recent Canvas Originals story about NASA Electrical Engineer Jeff Sincell and his use of Canvas technical illustration software in the design and creation of four incredible NASA space machines, you may have wanted to know a little more. Here Jeff provides some extra depth.

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Ad Astra Per Aspera – Jeff Sincell, James Webb Space Telescope, NASA

NASA Electrical Engineer Jeff Sincell has relied on Canvas over a long and distinguished career. Currently working on the James Webb Space Telescope, Jeff has created a wiring diagram which contains almost 30,000 objects in a Canvas document almost 70 square feet in size.


Canvas X³ Gets Rave Reviews

It’s great to see independent verification of the power and potential of Canvas technical illustration software, so we were delighted recently to get some great write-ups of our most capable software.


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