Plantation, FL (June 26, 2019) Canvas GFX, Inc. releases the latest edition of the graphics software, Canvas Draw 6 for macOS. Canvas Draw 6 is stacked with an array of vector and raster image editing tools, built-in templates, and over 2000 symbols. Built with business professionals and creatives in mind, Canvas Draw 6 proves to be a diverse content creation tool with the power for precise technical illustrations, architectural designs, graphic design, and visual documentation.

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Canvas Draw 6 for macOS requires either macOS Mojave (10.14) or macOS High Sierra (10.13).

What can I do in Canvas Draw 6?
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What’s New in Canvas Draw 6
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About Canvas GFX

Since 1987, Canvas software has been used by graphics designers to create beautiful digital images and by technical illustrators to develop visual documentation in defense, aerospace, manufacturing, and government organizations globally. Canvas applications include Canvas X 2019, Canvas X GIS 2019, and Canvas Draw 6 for macOS.

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