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Drive sales, efficiency, and customer success with Canvas Envision

Canvas Envision is a visual communication and collaboration solution that empowers teams throughout the organization to work with data and content including 3D CAD to create rich, dynamic, and interactive visual assets for all of your business needs.

It lets your teams work faster and more effectively to communicate precisely what they need to about your products to everyone in your ecosystem – from suppliers, through internal teams, to customers and prospects.

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Drive critical business benefits

Canvas Envision is a single visual communication and collaboration platform which makes it easy for everyone in the oganization to visualize product design, value, operation, maintenance and much more. More effective communication drives faster time to understanding, leading to improved efficiency, customer satisfaction, customer win rates.

  • Empower sales representatives to create custom sales materials with interactive models
  • Rapid iteration of sales materials supports fast product development and prototyping
  • Faster time to understanding for customers and prospects reduces sales cycles
  • Drive faster creation and iteration of better quality visual documents
  • Eliminate delays, errors, and costs resulting from Engineers having to provide endless screenshots
  • Help distributed teams work faster by enabling real time visual collaboration and driving faster understanding
  • Ensure customers have instant, interactive access to critical visual product data
  • Solve downstream problems faster, and with fewer errors
  • Bring customers into your wider collaborative ecosystem, become more responsive

*Canvas Envision desktop Creator application is currently available for Microsoft Windows


make data accessible, understandable, actionable

Effective communication is fundamental to progress, and visual communication is the fastest route to understanding. UP to 90% of information processed by the brain is visual and, by some estimates, we are able to understand visual communication up to 60,000 times faster than text.

Canvas Envision is the visual collaboration solution that drives more effective communication across teams and ecosystems, distributed and remote, by making critical enterprise data accessible, understandable, and actionable.

  • Put critical data in the hands of everyone who needs it, empowering teams and increasing productivity and efficiency with autonomous workflows
  • One visual communication application to ingest and work with a huge diversity of data – Envision can import numerous file types, including 3D CAD
  • Envision makes it easy create and consume accurate, informative, and compelling visual assets which are always current thanks to associative data
  • Work in the universal language of visual communication with a powerful graphics engine. Envision Creator was designed specifically for the technical enterprise
  • Translate complex and diverse data and ideas into clear, comprehensible visual assets. Visualize products, processes, requirements, value propositions, and more
  • Sophisticated data and ideas made easy for a broad audience and demographic. Bridge the divides between different levels of language, education, and expertise
  • Unlock the true value of product data by ensuring your audience knows precisely what needs to be done and how to do it
  • Enable downstream team members to seek clarity in real-time. Maintenance teams connect directly to product designers. Sales and BD teams can interact with engineering
  • Create a collaborative environment for visual assets to be refined and optimized. Capture and leverage every valuable interaction associated with key documentation
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the visual teamwork platform

Canvas Envision combines a powerful desktop graphics application* with device and OS-agnostic, access-anywhere cloud collaboration and storage. With API integration to other critical enterprise software and services, Envision is designed to let your teams create, collaborate, and connect.

  • Feature-rich and intuitive enterprise graphics application
  • Enables teams to work with diverse and complex data
  • Powers creation of broad range of precision visual outputs
  • Access-anywhere content, with associative data
  • Fully interactive, including 3D model handling
  • Rich feedback, chat and mark-up capabilities
  • Integrates with enterprise software stack
  • PLM, 3D CAD, Business Communication Tools
  • Visual content workflow hub for enterprise and ecosystem

*Canvas Envision desktop Creator application is currently available for Microsoft Windows


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