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Canvas X Pro technical documentation demo

See how quick and easy it is to create high impact visual technical documentation using Canvas X Pro.

Smart annotations, easy dimension tools, work with photographs, images, text and import and manipulate 3D CAD models.

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Canvas X Pro in action – see how it could work for you!

“We’ve cut the time we spend on critical documentation by 25% – 50%. Canvas X Pro is really a great communication tool and it enables us to provide absolute clarity to all of our stakeholders. And it frees our engineers to focus their time on what’s most important.”

– Benjamin Feltner, COO, BeeHex, X3 customer

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X Pro drives measurable efficiencies

“With Canvas X Pro every single person who is working on a product can actually open a 3D model and share knowledge of what they experience as they work on that product. Retaining that knowledge is valuable – and it’s going to save us money because we won’t have people standing around waiting for expensive CAD talent who are spending hours generating screenshots. I want it on every desktop in the building.”

– David Grossman, VP, Glendee MGI, Canvas X Pro customer

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