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driving cost-efficient manufacturing workflows with Canvas X3

Canvas X3 is used across the organization at sub-assembly manufacturer GlenDee MGI to improve process documentation and technical illustration workflows. By giving employees the ability to manipulate and display 3D CAD models directly on their own workstations, and not requiring engineers and CAD software to provide model views, MGI eliminates cost and time inefficiencies.

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Name | David Grossman

Role | Vice President

Company | Glendee / MGI

Industry | Aerospace & Defense


“Canvas X3 is intuitive enough for anyone to pick up and use. By making it available across our teams we expect to drive significant economic efficiencies in our documentation workflows.”


finding the bottlenecks


In manufacturing industries, shaving time and cost from key processes can have a huge impact on company performance.

At MGI David Grossman faced a bottleneck which was creating a clear drag on operations.

Multiple images of 3D CAD models of company products are required throughout the organization. As well as technical illustration for installation and marketing, 2D renderings of these models are essential for documenting the manufacturing process itself as part of the firm’s AS9100 rating.

But only the highly paid CAD engineers, using expensive CAD software, had the ability to create those views. They would take screenshots from their CAD packages, saving them into PDFs and sending them to colleagues who needed them.


“It was just laborious. If I wanted to get a guy on the floor to be able to look at a model he would have to get my engineering manager involved, who would get an engineer involved, and there would be three people standing around a screen trying to decide on the right view. It was super expensive because of the delay and the cost of the talent involved.”


enabling employees to work with autonomy


Buying more expensive CAD licenses and absorbing the cost of training manufacturing managers to use that software was not economically viable, so David turned to Canvas X3.

A lightweight, intuitive desktop software with a significant cost advantage over full CAD packages, X3 allows anyone on David’s team to import a 3D CAD model at their own workstation, manipulate to get precisely the view they need, and create precision illustrations for their documentation.

“With no experience of the software I brought in a model, created an installation instruction demo sheet that had a BOM and highlighted notes, and it took me about 30 minutes.”


illustration software that drives cost-efficiency


“Canvas X3 is going to allow me to have every single person who is working on a product to actually open a 3D model and make comments or notes that share knowledge of what they experience as they work on that product. Retaining that knowledge is valuable. And it’s going to save us money because my operators on the floor will be able to use it, we won’t have people standing around waiting all the time, we won’t have expensive talent spending hours on these screenshots. I want it on every desktop in the building.”

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Canvas is chosen by leading manufacturing brands from all verticals because it has been developed specifically to cater to precision technical illustration use cases.

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