Canvas X3 launch pack

Design software for start-ups

and small businesses

At Canvas we understand that small businesses have big ambitions. We know it sometimes feels like there’s never enough resources to do everything you need to do. And we recognize the need to be able to justify every expense.

That’s why we’ve created the Canvas X3 Launch Pack to deliver best in class technical illustration and design software for start-ups and SME manufacturers.

Combining special introductory pricing on up to ten X3 licenses, with tailored marketing and promotional activities, and a custom training program, the X3 Launch Pack is designed to deliver ROI inside your first month.

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30-day ROI – see how X3 could work for you

“Canvas X3 was incredibly helpful during due diligence because it enabled us to show investors with absolute clarity how our technology and processes worked. The ability to import 3D models from Solidworks and then create precise annotated images and diagrams was hugely valuable.”

– Megan O’Connor, CEO, Nth Cycle, X3 Launch Pack customer

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low price and fast ROI

With the Canvas X3 Launch Pack you get the best price on our most powerful technical illustration and design software for start-ups and SMB, with high-value additional services to drive brand awareness and minimize your time to ROI:

  • Special introductory pricing on up to 10 licenses
  • Joint press release and dedicated outreach from our media agency
  • Customer story on Canvas website and social channels
  • 2 x custom launch demo sessions, with the option to use your own files
screenshot of Canvas X³ 3D technical illustration solution showing 3D CAD model being rotated using intuitive user interface


X3 launch pack delivers incredible value


Check out our pricing and get started today.
Bundle Price Total Savings on Licenses
2 licenses + services $1,200 $198
Up to 5 licenses + services $2,200 $1,295
Up to 10 licenses + services $3,500 $3,490


X3 drives measurable efficiencies

“With Canvas X3 every single person who is working on a product can actually open a 3D model and share knowledge of what they experience as they work on that product. Retaining that knowledge is valuable – and it’s going to save us money because we won’t have people standing around waiting for expensive CAD talent who are spending hours generating screenshots. I want it on every desktop in the building.”

– David Grossman, VP, Glendee MGI, Canvas X3 Launch Pack customer

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