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Enhance your technical vision with Canvas 14. Add clarity to your illustration with labels or text, add format dimensions, create dynamic charts, or use Canvas’ unique lens for a more detailed view.

Canvas 14 enhancement

Add format dimensions

Canvas 14's Linear, Chain and Baseline Dimensioning tools precisely control horizontal, vertical, oblique and perpendicular distances; measure diameter, radius, angle, area and perimeter; and mark the centers of arcs and ovals.

Add comments and mark-up

Use Canvas 14's annotation tools to add labels or callouts to your diagrams and illustrations, complete with custom and automated options such as single and multiple diagram line connections. And if you re-position the annotation label object, the SmartLines(tm) connecting it to the illustration move right along with it.

Canvas 14 format dimensions

Ensure the highest levels of precision

Work with very small units of measure with engineered accuracy and control. Canvas 14’s drawing engine fully supports the IEEE floating point standard used throughout the scientific, engineering, medical and biotechnology industries. Canvas is indispensable to professionals who work with images that contain up to 32 bits of floating point data per channel.

Work within industry standards

Create dimension objects that fully conform to existing industry and government standards, including:

  • IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer's) floating point standard;
  • ANSI (American National Standards Institute) U.S. Product and industry standards;
  • DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung/German Institute for Standardization) internationally adopted standards;
  • JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) standards.

Customize these standard settings by editing the size of lines, gaps, text and tolerances, modifying them for new and unique workflows, and saving them for ongoing use in similar work contexts.

Canvas 14 text editor

Do more with text

Add professionally formatted and fully editable text to vector objects and raster images. Create multi-page text documents and technical publications using a full range of traditional text formatting, proofing, annotation and style tools.

Work with GIS data

Canvas 14’s optional GIS module offers a powerful set of GIS-based features and commands that support a range of GIS formats, define complex map projections, and perform advanced property operations. It's an indispensable tool for GIS professionals in the oil & gas texand energy sectors, aerospace and automotive industries, education, and government. Learn more about Canvas 14 + GIS

Get up close and personal

Canvas’ proprietary SpriteEffects allows you to create lens objects to highlight specific elements of your document. Lenses are powerful containers for effects and can be used to create magnifying glasses and other viewing frames within illustration documents.

Create dynamic charts - NEW

Create and customize visually appealing dynamic charts and tables in a variety of formats using data inputted directly into Canvas: no need to import a static, pre-created chart from an external spreadsheet program.