Canvas X and Canvas X GIS 2018 Build 239 Release Notes

New Features
  • Dynamic Effects, which will move and resize with the objects they are applied to, are added (Effect | Dynamic Effects): Shadows, Reflections, Glow, and Soft Edge.
  • Smart Snaps, which are visual aids to align and size objects relative to each other or to their place on the page, are added (Layout | Smart Snaps).
  • Images can be directly imported from WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) compatible scanners (Image | Import from Scanners…).
  • Auto Hyphenation options are added in the Hyphens tab of the Type palette.
  • Paste in Front of Selection and Paste in Back of Selection are available from Edit | Paste Within Selection.
  • SVGZ export is now supported.
  • Improved the placement angle of arrow heads on Bézier curves.
  • Improved accuracy of drawing circles, ovals, and 90n-degree arcs.
  • Improved accuracy of calculating perimeter and/or area of circles, ovals, and 90n-degree arcs, rounded rectangles, and composite objects with them.
  • Improved Copy & Paste from Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and other applications supporting Picture (JPG) or Picture (PNG) with transparency from Edit | Paste Special.
  • The inset ratio of multigons can now be set numerically in the Properties bar.
  • The Grids and Guides dialog box can be opened by clicking Setting in the Properties bar while no objects are selected in the document.
  • Guide color can be changed from the Grids and Guide dialog box.
  • Recently-used inks listed in the Presets palette can be cleared on demand by clicking the Clear button below the list.
  • The Show each bounding box when over 1000 objects are selected checkbox is added in the Configuration Center – Selection.
  • SVG and SVGZ export is available in the Multiple Save Options dialog box.
  • SVG export now supports embedding of images.
  • DWG export and DXF export support Save Selection in the Save As dialog box.
  • DWG import and DXF import have the Source Unit option, “Read from file”, so that document will be open in the unit specified in that file.
  • Paste Text Only is added under Edit menu.
  • Dynamic Effects checkbox is added to: Properties bar of the Attribute Dropper tool, the Paste Attributes dialog box, and Find palette.
  • Corner radius of rounded rectangle will be proportionally scaled based on resizing the object.
  • Preview Pane of the Windows File Explorer is supported for CVX and CVD files to see the large previews of documents (Scroll to view multiple-page previews).
  • Fixed several bugs related to SpriteEffects, Lens, Clipping path, and Transparency Mask.
  • Fixed bug so that only image file names that are imported or placed in the document are assigned as object names, instead of using their full paths.
  • Fixed bug in which Angle Dimension would not work when Snap to Grids was turned on.
  • Fixed bug in which Area and Perimeter dimensionings were reversely applied from Object | Auto Dimensioning.
  • Fixed bug with certain CGM files opening incorrectly.
  • Fixed bug in which closed Bézier curves created in a certain way would display negative area values or “n/a”.
  • Fixed bug so that areas of open Bézier curves and polygons will not be displayed.
  • Fixed bug so that in terms of Ctrl+mouse scroll direction, Up will zoom-in and Down will zoom-out.
  • Fixed bug in which PDF files would not save correctly on the OS with some non-English regional settings.
  • Fixed bugs in which some PDF files that are created by Adobe Illustrator CS versions could not be opened with Canvas X.
  • Fixed bugs in which RGB spot colors were incorrectly exported to PDF, which manifested as an error upon opening with Acrobat Reader.
  • Fixed bug in which decimal values could not be correctly edited on the OS with some non-English regional settings.
  • Fixed bug in which CVShell application error occurs in the Event Viewer log.
  • Fixed bug in which some exported SVG files showed undeclared entity errors when opening with Google Chrome.
  • Fixed bug so that the zoom factor and origin of each page is respected during navigation.
  • Fixed bug so that a CVX file saved in a folder with a period in its name can be opened successfully.
  • Fixed bug so that Smart Toolbox setting in the Configuration Center is remembered after restarting the application.
  • Fixed bug so that values of certain dimensioning objects will be nicely printed with even dimension text gaps.
  • Fixed bug so that keyboard shortcuts for Text | Kerning | Tighten and Loosen work correctly even when a text object is selected.
  • Fixed bug that Auto Dimensioning – Angle won’t create anything for rounded rectangles.
  • Fixed bug that Auto Dimensioning – Linear won’t correctly create dimension objects for rotated lines.
  • Fixed various bugs related High-DPI support.
  • Fixed bug so that Edit Frame Gradient in the context menu will correctly activate.
  • Fixed bug in which CVX files saved with the Encrypt file checkbox selected could not be reopened even if the correct password was entered.
  • Fixed bug so that X and Y values of Grids set as default in Grids and Guides dialog box are remembered correctly after the application is restarted.
  • Fixed bug in which some PNG files placed in a document could not be exported as GIF correctly.
  • Fixed bug in which a Print Area defined in a document was not saved in CVX files.
  • Fixed bug in which images of 16-bit/channel would not be correctly exported as TIF files.
  • and more…
Known Issues
  • The Dynamic Shadow SpriteEffect is replaced by Dynamic Effects – Shadow. To edit the shadow, please reapply Dynamic Effects – Shadow.
  • The application will open with the Docking Pane closed if the Canvas Assistant was open when the user last exited the application.
  • When Windows operating system (Windows 7, 8, or 8.1) has not been kept up-to-date, launching Canvas X 2018 may incur an error message about missing .dll files. In the event that you encounter this error message, please refer to KB2999226 to install a proper package for your Windows operating system. Then try re-installing Canvas X 2018 to resolve the issue.
  • In order to enable the pressure-sensitivity of Canvas X on Surface Pro 4, please download the latest WinTab drivers, install them, and restart the OS before launching the application.
  • It is recommended to restart the operating system after the installation so that necessary redistributable packages are completely installed on the system.
Not Supported
  • The Dynamic Shadow SpriteEffect is removed.
  • A multi-page document with different orientations will not print as such. Please print pages of different orientations or dimensions separately.
More Information

For information about Canvas X 2018, and to access additional resources, please visit the Product Support and Resources page online. Additional information and resources include:

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