Canvas 11.2 Update

Download 11.2.1269

Update file size: 83.7 MB

About this Update

This update is for English.

Canvas 11.2 has met Microsoft's minimum standards for compatibility and reliability on Windows 7 and has been verified Compatible with Windows 7. We have further identified and largely addressed usability issues that some users may encounter related to Windows 7 Libraries.

This update to Canvas 11 also includes the following usability improvements:

  • The Canvas Print Driver has been updated to v.2. This new version will install the Canvas Print Driver under Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

This update to Canvas 11 includes fixes for the following issues:

  • The Canvas Scripting engine would crash when rendering selections and accessing some Layer Names.
  • Compression settings could not be selected when using scripting to save CGM file formats.
  • Pen width and rotated text would not export correctly to Adobe Illustrator (.ai) format.
  • Canvas 11.2 provides a better overall stability.
  • Canvas 11.2 provides a better overall support of importing and exporting BMP, GIF, JPG, PCX, PCD (import only), PNG, and TIF files.
  • CALS format (*.cal and * import is now supported.
  • CALS export is now supported.
  • CGM file of larger file size is better supported.
  • GIF Animated import is now supported.
  • Saving/Exporting ICO file (32 x 32 pixels) is supported.
  • Import and export of Geo images such as Geo TIF is improved.
  • Canvas 11.1 respects DPI setting of BMP, JPG, PCX, PNG, TIF import.
  • TGA import and export supports alpha channel mask.
  • PNG import and export supports alpha channel mask.
  • JPG and TIF supports CMYK Color for import and export.
  • 16 bits per channel Grayscale, RGB and CMYK TIF is supported for import and export.
  • 16 bits per channel RGB and Grayscale PNG is supported for import.
  • Paint Shop Pro files (*.pspimage and *.pspbrush) are now supported for import.
  • More camera RAW file formats and DSLR camera models are supported for import: Sony RAW ARW, Panasonic RAW RW2, Mamiya RAW MEF.
  • Printing enhancements for 64-bit OS (XP & Vista).
  • Option added for exporting PostScript text as béziers.
  • The Canvas Scripting Engine was updated to fix a crash when working with sequences.
  • Scientific Imaging Filters were updated with improvements made to the Image Math calculations. Calculations can now be performed on multiple images.