Canvas 14.0 and 14+GIS (Build 1534) Release Notes

Welcome to Canvas 14, the integrated application that speeds up and streamlines your technical illustration workflow.

About the Release Notes

This document contains the release notes for Canvas 14. The following sections provide late-breaking or other information not covered in the Canvas 14 documentation.

About Canvas 14

For information about Canvas 14 and to access additional resources, please visit the Product Support and Resource page online. Additional information and resources include:

  • software updates
  • supported file formats
  • tutorials
  • user guide
  • community site, including peer-to-peer product forums
  • ACDSee knowledge base
  • support

Whats New

  • Various types of charts/graphs can be created within Canvas.
  • Canvas native data can be embedded into a PDF file (some minor limitation may apply.)
  • Paste & Replace Selection is added.
  • Hide Selected Objects is added to command menus.
  • Show all Hidden Object is added to command menus.
  • Total area and perimeter of more than one selected basic objects is displayed in the Properties bar.
  • Placing a document respects a target scaling if applicable.
  • Selection and selected layers are supported for saving a document as PDF.
  • Shift+drag an ink from the Presets palette to a vector object will apply it as Pen ink.


  • When selecting the Area Dimensioning tool, related attributes options are now displayed in the Properties bar.
  • A minor glitch in the Parallel Stroke Manager of the Attributes palette is fixed.
  • X, Y, H, and W values can be set independently in the Properties bar for the Camera tool.
  • Kodak Color Management works fine for 64-bit operating systems.
  • Connection points on a group object will be retained after a symbol is created from it.
  • Values in Feet (‘) and inches (“) with thousands separator are displayed correctly for dimensioning objects.
  • Hidden objects are no longer selected by dragging a selection boundary with Selection tool.
  • 5 palettes docking to the Right Pane can be opened by selecting from Windows | Palettes even if the Right Pane is closed.
  • Fill color of object with a Symbol stroke is correctly exported to a PDF file.
  • Object Specs palette shows values of flipped lines correctly.
  • Customized icons on the Toolbar are retained after restarting Canvas.
  • Object Properties Table View palette respects European number format (thousands separator is period, and decimal point is comma) when the operating system is set as such.

Known Issues

The following are the known issues identified for this version at the time of release.

  • When exported PDF with Preserve Canvas editing capabilities is opened with Canvas 14, you may encounter the following issues:
    • Some custom arrows are lost.
    • Z-order of a path object for Bound Text may differ from its original document.
    • Object numbers may differ from its original document.
    • Macro/Library objects are converted to group object.
    • Slice Layer is converted to a regular layer.
    • Wrap/Repel Text is lost.
    • Thumbnail preview is not available.
    • Proxy of image object is lost.
    • Envelop effect applied to a vector /group object may slightly differ from its original document.
    • OLE object is imported as MetaObject.
    • State of the Document Layout palette is always all collapsed.
    • Projection description of a GIS document may be replaced with its method.
  • European number style of thousands separator and decimal point is not supported for Chart feature.
  • For Open High Low Close (OHLC) chart, the order of series (columns) should be High, Low, Open, Close.
  • A result of Table only for creating a chart may look out of proportion or jaggy. Resize height or width manually and export it at a high resolution like 300 dpi or higher.
  • DWF import – all texts will be converted to paths.

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