Canvas X and Canvas X GIS Build 1764 Release Notes

New Features
  • Redesigned and Improved Smart Mouse & Guides features
  • Support of Multiple Application Window to open (Multiple Instances)
  • Support WebP Import and Export
  • Save Window Layouts menu command ( Window | Window Layout | Save)
  • Reset to factory default window layout (Window | Window Layout | Reset to Default Layout)
  • Additional Image Interpolation (Render and Resample)
  • Custom Scale and Substitute AutoCAD fonts support for DWG/DXF Import
  • Export object properties for PDF Export
  • Export scale and unit for PDF Export
  • Text and Image Merge support for PDF Import
  • Text Merge functions (Text | Text Merging)
  • Previous View menu command (Layout | View | Previous View)
  • Lock length and alternate direction of angle support for Polygon tools
  • Little CMS for Color Management
  • Attributes Dropper tool to copy and paste object attributes
  • Geo JPEG 2000 Import and Export (GIS only)
  • KML and KMZ Import and Export (GIS only)
  • GPX Import (GIS only)
  • Buffer menu command (GIS | Buffer) that enables to create buffer objects (GIS only)
  • Export geospatial reference option for PDF Export (GIS only)
  • Connection Points respect Smart Mouse
  • Center Mark respects Smart Mouse
  • Display RGB colors in hexadecimal values in the Attribute palette
  • Redesigned and Improved PDF Export dialog box
  • Shift+arrow keys respect Grid distance for moving objects
  • Insert special characters from the Properties bar
  • Improved support of digital camera RAW files and camera models
  • Improved Replicate with Flip options
  • Offset function is improved
  • Scripting support of new options for DXG/DWG and PDF I/O
  • One installer for Canvas 15 and Canvas 15 + GIS – appropriate features will be activated with a valid license
  • The last Precision setting for dimensioning tools is remembered even after restart of Canvas.
  • Area of a rounded rectangle will be accurately calculated.
  • A rounded rectangle can be correctly created with a set corner radius value by clicking the Create button in the properties bar.
  • Area of a composite object with srectangles will be accurately calculated
  • CGM import provides better handling of transparent images.
  • Print to Canvas with the Canvas PS driver correctly imports most of texts into Canvas on Windows 8.
  • Recording JPEG or GIF export as a sequence won’t create duplicated entries any longer.
  • Sequence respects the “Scale Propotional” setting in the Properties bar.
  • Dragging a created Web button to the list window won’t create a duplicate of the Web button any more.
  • Corner Radius of a rounded rectangle, and Start and Delta angles of an arc will be correctly displayed in the Object Specs palette.
  • When Snap to Grids is on, clicking a vector object in the path edit mode won’t move the object unexpectedly.
  • A selected tool in the Toolbox is retained after hiding and showing the Toolbox.
  • CMYK value will be correctly displayed as % values in the Object Properties Table View palette.
  • Refreshing issue of spin arrows in the Properties bar is resolved.
  • The issue that an image object becomes invisible after rotating the object right and left in the Freeform mode and then setting a rotation angle to 0 or 360 degrees with the Image Hard Rotate selected in the Properties bar is resolved.
Known Issues
  • When texts of non-resident fonts are merged together, the original font names will be lost. Consequently, font name will be blank.
  • Text Merge does not retain original line space.
  • When [Show snapping type indicators] checkbox is selected in the Smart Mouse & Guides, snapping type indicator blinks with a Dimensioning tool.
  • Edge or Division of line segment type of Smart Mouse won’t work for Easyshape.
  • Area value of an oval which is converted to path or a composite object that contains an oval is not exact because of Bézier curve approximation.
  • Attribute Dropper tool won’t work for text object bound to a path.
  • Attribute Dropper tool won’t copy/paste some attributes of text object like outline, background, or text box frame.
  • Tag as Point Object and Tag as Regular Object command menus are moved to under the Object menu.
Not Supported
  • Using a color profile embedded in a file or embedding a color profile to a file is not supported.
  • [Include EXIF data] option of the TIFF Export Options is not supported by scripting.
  • Importing JPEG files exported from Iphoto is not supported.
  • KML/KMZ Export does not support: any overlays, masks, or external links.
  • KML/KMZ Import does not support: any overlays or some network links.
  • GPX Import does not read in Complex Type: extensionsType.
  • Transparency Transfer Modes except Normal are not supported for PDF Export when Export layers option is selected.
More Information

For information about Canvas 15 and to access additional resources, please visit the Product Support and Resource page online. Additional information and resources include:

  • Software updates
  • Supported file formats
  • Supported camera RAW formats
  • Tutorials
  • User Guide
  • Community site, including peer-to-peer product forums
  • ACDSee Knowledge Base
  • Support