Canvas X Draw 4.0.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Presentation documents are supported now.
  • Slide show with 4 transitions is now supported for Presentation documents (Layout | Slide Show…).
  • The Type palette is now available (Text | Type…).
  • Tighten Fine Kerning, Loosen Fine Kerning, and Configure Fine Kerning commands are added to Text | Kerning.
  • Images can be imported from scanners, iPhone, iPad, and digital cameras using the Cameras & Scanners feature (Window | Palettes | Cameras & Scanners…).
  • Paste in Front and Paste in Back are added to Edit | Paste Within Selection.
  • The Auto Dimensioning features are added to the Properties bar and under the Object menu.
  • The Annotation Lens tool, which allows the user to easily callout and magnify specific areas of objects, is added to the Toolbox.
  • The Smart Shuffle Up and Down features, which move selected objects above or behind their nearest neighbors with overlapping bounding boxes, are added to the Toolbar and under Object | Arrange.
  • The Dynamic Shadow command, which creates a shadow that dynamically updates according to the changes made to its object, is added to the SpriteEffects filters.
  • The Keep the original guide checkbox and the Offset checkbox, which allow users to create additional guides from the double-clicked guide instead of moving it, is added to the Guides dialog box.
  • Fonts are listed with their glyphs in the Font drop-down menu of the Properties bar and Text | Font menu.
  • Improved the placement angle of arrow heads on Bézier curves.
  • Improved accuracy of drawing circles, ovals, and 90n-degree arcs.
  • Improved accuracy of calculating perimeter and/or area of circles, ovals, and 90n-degree arcs, rounded rectangles, and composite objects with them.
  • Improved Copy & Paste from Microsoft Word or Excel, and Paste Text Only.
  • The View Fonts palette is now vertically resizable.
  • The inset ratio of multigons can now be set numerically in the Properties bar.
  • Snap to Grids and Snap to Guides can be turned on and off from the Properties bar when no objects are selected.
  • Flip Horizontal and Flip Vertical buttons are added to the Properties bar.
  • The last-used Combine command in the Properties bar is remembered and can be applied repeatedly.
  • The Distribute Inside Horizontally and the Distribute Inside Vertically buttons are added next to the basic Align buttons in the Properties bar.
  • The Preserve Data checkbox is added back so that a selected image can be resized based on a set resolution instead of resampling it.
  • When using the Marquee tool to create an image selection, the width and height of the selection are indicated in the Object Details field in the Status bar.
  • The SpriteEffects drop-down menu is now accessible in the Properties bar when an EasyShape is selected.
  • The Radius or Diameter dimensioning objects’ value positions can be adjusted by double-clicking and dragging.
  • SpriteEffects applied to selected objects can be put into Edit mode or deleted from the context menu.
  • Clear All SpriteEffects and Remove SpriteLayer (transparency) Effect icons are added next to the SpriteEffects drop-down menu in the Properties bar.
  • Choosing Edit | Shift + Paste will paste copied objects at the same positions in another sheet/page.
  • Choosing Edit | Shift + Paste & Replace Selection will replace the selected object with the copied objects at the center without scaling.
  • Loading compressed legacy CVX files is optimized.
  • Improved the way transparency masks on images behave when a SpriteEffect is applied.
  • Improved the way the Document Layout palette handles the re-ordering of pages/sheets for multiple page documents.
  • Fixed bug so that more than 1 image file can be dragged & dropped from Desktop to the current document.
  • Fixed bug to assign only image file names that are imported or placed in the document as object names, instead of using their full paths.
  • Fixed bug so that icons which are not shown in the Toolbar, when the main window width is too narrow to show all icons, can get properly enabled.
  • Fixed bug to show supported file formats in the Format drop-down when you browse files to link from the Link Manager palette.
  • Fixed bug to load a correct file path of the linked document when you browse and select a supported file to link from the Link Manager palette.
  • Fixed bug to respect the zoom factor and origin of each page during navigation.
  • Fixed bug to save individual zoom factor and origin of each page in a CVD file.
  • Fixed crash that occurred while editing a hatch ink in the Attributes palette.
  • Fixed the situational disappearance of an image when being cropped.
  • Fixed to not allow a space or spaces as valid page names.
  • Fixed bug to be able to draw a horizontal pixel line with the Pencil tool by pressing the shift key at over 2000% zooming factor.
  • Fixed bug to retain the last used inks, strokes, dashes, and arrows after the application is being restarted.
  • Fixed bug to correctly apply or remove the background color of selected vertical texts.
  • Fixed bug to be able to apply transparency and blend modes to B&W images.
  • Fixed bug with displaced apostrophes when adjusting the width of a text object.
  • Fixed the copy and paste of texts while the Toolbar of the application is hidden on El Capital.
  • Fixed bug so that Roman alphabets will be converted to symbol letters by applying Symbol font.
  • Fixed bug so that values of dimensioning objects will be displayed and registered correctly with respect to the OS’s regional setting.
  • Fixed bug so that newly added pages’ grids or guides will be synchronized with the Master Page/Slide.
  • Fixed bug with certain CGM files opening incorrectly.
  • Fixed incorrect alignment of objects when the Outside Pen is on.
  • Fixed bug with the Image Resolution dialog box in case that more than one images of different dimensions or resolutions are selected.
  • Fixed bug so that supported file formats can be dragged & dropped into the docked application icon to open.
  • Fixed bug so that texture inks used in CVX files are correctly recognized.
  • Fixed bug so that symbol inks that contain gradient fills will be correctly exported to PDF.
  • Fixed bug so that rotated texts will be correctly exported to PDF.
  • The Marquee or Oval Marquee tool now allows users to select a fixed area larger than 1000 pixels, if applicable.
  • Opacity can be correctly applied to an image in monochrome (Black and White) color mode.
  • The Remove spaces from layer names checkbox is added to the DWG/DXF Options dialog box in case it is opened with an application that does not support spaces in layer names.
  • The Fill filter (Image | Filter | Other | Fill) with the blend mode “Dissolve” will be applied correctly to an image selection.
  • Fixed several bugs related to Sprite Effects, Lens, Clipping path, and Transparency Mask.
  • and more…
Supported File Formats
Known Issues
  • When clicking the Font menu (Text | Font) or the Font drop-down menu in the Properties bar for the 1st time of each session, you may see the spinning wheel because the font glyph previews are being generated.
  • Slide show transitions set in Windows versions of Canvas or Canvas X are not compatible. They will be listed as “Unknown”.
  • Plain, Bold, Italic style icons are not available in the Type palette.
  • The Type palette does not have the Style tab.
  • Drop Caps feature is not available in the Indent tab of the Type palette.
  • When navigating from one page to another, if you want to keep the zooming state on each page, deselect the Fit to Window checkbox in the Functionality Options of the Preference dialog box.
  • Copy & Paste in RTF will not work from places like the Chrome web browser, which does not copy texts in RTF to the clipboard.
  • PDF – Adobe® Acrobat® (Advanced) export will convert texts of Postscript Type 1, Dfonts, and some Japanese fonts to paths even if you select Embed subset for the Font embedding. However, it should not be an issue to view or print such PDF files.
Not Supported
  • Hide/Show Toolbar is not supported on macOS Sierra because the OS no longer supports the feature.
  • Character and paragraph styles in the Type palette are not supported.
  • Auto-hyphenation is not supported.
  • Under El Capitan, when both the Toolbar and Properties bar are hidden, Full Screen Mode is not supported.
More Information

For information about Canvas Draw and to access additional resources, please visit the Product Support and Resources page online.
Additional information and resources include:

  • Software updates
  • Community site, including peer-to-peer product forums
  • Support