Canvas Draw 6 for macOS Release Notes



  • Effect | Combine can be directly applied to EasyShapes.
  • Zoom in and out icons are added in the Preview window of the JPEG Export Options dialog box.
  • “Proxy icon” will be available in front of the file name in the document title bar after the document is saved.
  • The keyboard shortcut Command+Control+A is assigned to Object | Attributes to open the Attributes palette.
  • Selection background color in the Document Layout palette now respects the “Highlight color” setting in the macOS General Preferences.


  • Fixed bug in which the state of Docking Bar was not remembered after exiting the application.
  • Fixed bug in which the triangle controls of the text object bound to a path was not shown when it was selected.
  • Fixed bug in which the Annotation – Basic tool could not create annotations of numbers and alphabets with squares or circles.
  • Fixed bug in which the Text Path tool did not show the I-beam insert point when clicking on a path.
  • Fixed bug in which the Vertical Text tool did not show the I-beam insert point in text edit mode.
  • Fixed bug in which Drag & Drop Text (Preferences > Text > Type) does not show the I-beam insert point.
  • Fixed bug in which the I-bean insert point would not be shown in the edit mode of rotated and flipped texts.
  • Fixed bug in which Help | Canvas Forum did not work.
  • Fixed bug in which some CVD files that were converted from CVX could not be opened.
  • Fixed bug in which the view in the Navigator palette was not refreshed when switching between documents.
  • Fixed bug in which the bounding box did not coincide with the object selected when the Show Grids is on.
  • Fixed bug in which after using the Vector Brush tool, selection of another tool was erroneously retained.
  • Fixed bug in which some EasyShapes that were converted to paths were denoted as “Bezier Curve” instead of “Polygon”.
  • Fixed bug in which when deleting a table from the Properties bar of the Table tool did not refresh to the properties bar of the Selection tool.
  • Fixed bug in which after changing the zoom level in the Zoom Control of the Status bar, dragging the scroll handles to pan did not function properly.
  • Fixed bug in which the Place mode was unable to exit without placing.
  • Fixed bug in which placing images was not undoable.
  • Fixed bug in which the edit handle of Rounded Rectangle’s corner radius did not function properly.
  • Fixed bug in which the edit handles of Arc’s start and end points did not function properly.
  • Fixed bug in which Table’s bounding box was not properly adjusted after deleting columns from it.
  • Fixed bug in which Align Left was not applied to flipped objects properly.
  • Fixed bug in which after Vector Gradient tool was used to the selected objects, the state of the Gradient Direction control in the Attributes palette was not refreshed immediately.
  • Fixed bug in which the color tiles of the solid colors in the Attributes palette was not refreshed when applying a color to multiple objects from the Presets list in the palette.
  • Fixed bug in which strings were added in black for the Text – Auto Correct in the Preferences when macOS is set to the Dark Mode.
  • Fixed bug in which the Link Info tool did not indicate the flow arrow.
  • Fixed bug in which the Navigator palette was too small when it was open by Window | Palettes | Navigator
  • Fixed bug in which the Pencil icon wasn’t drawn properly in the Curve dialog box (Image | Adjust | Curves).
  • Fixed bug in which the Rotate and Move icons were not visible in the Multigon edit mode.
  • Fixed bug in which the values temporarily disappeared after highlighting a value and then switching to another curve in the Object Path Editor.
  • Fixed bug in which text styles such as Underline, Strikethrough, Outline, or Shadow would be lost when applying another font to texts.
  • Fixed bug related to selecting a tool in the Toolbox while the Shape pop-up list of Annotation – Basic tool was open in the Properties bar.
  • Fixed bug related to exiting the application while the Place and Paste mode was active.
  • Fixed bug related to applying Outline Path Stroke (Path | Outline Stroke Path) to vector objects with “hairline” stroke.
  • Fixed bug related to selecting the Place on the segments checkbox in the Attributes palette.
  • Fixed bug related to applying the Custom filter as SpriteEffects.
  • Fixed bug related to applying a filter to an image with the transparency mask from the SpriteEffects palette.

Under Catalina

  • Fixed bug in which clicking Create in the Rectangle’s Properties bar created a rounded rectangle instead.
  • Fixed bug related to clicking Cancel in the Replicate and Position dialog box after creating an object.

and more…


New Features

  • Visual Combine tool, which allows you to visually and intuitively combine the common areas of overlapping vector objects to create complex shapes.
  • Vector Brush tool, which allows you to draw vector curve paths with strokes with tapered ends.
  • Mirror tool, which will make a reverse copy of selected objects in 2 clicks. The mirror axis can be drawn or snapped to other objects and rotated freely.
  • Annotation Notes, which now supports auto-numbering and auto-alphabetizing. EasyShapes like circles, squares, rounded squares, or diamond shapes can be used for annotations.
  • Ink/Stroke Selection tool, which allows you to select an object with specific attributes and every object sharing those attributes will also be selected.
  • Page Navigator palette, which displays thumbnail previews of the pages in your document. Using the Page Navigator palette, you can quickly find and go to a particular page.
  • Object Path Editor palette (Path | Object Path Editor), allows you to view and edit the X/Y coordinates of each individual point of a basic vector object, polygon, or Bézier curve.
  • Replicate and Position (Edit | Replicate and Position), which replicates objects and then strategically positions them according to specified X/Y coordinates.
  • Fractalize (Effects | Fractalize), which makes outlines of vector objects irregularly jagged.
  • Colorize (Effects | Colorize), which allows you to tint vector objects with a solid color fill or pen inks when you want to mix two colors, or shade one color with another.
  • Dark mode support with updated icons in the Toolbox, Toolbar, and other areas.


  • Color Dropper tool is added to the Gradients Manager of the Attributes palette in order to set a pixel color for gradient nodes.
  • More symbols can be downloaded by accessing a web page from the Symbol Library palette.
  • You can edit an object name by double-clicking an object item in Document Layout Palette.
  • Calligraphic Pens now support tapered ends.
  • Outline Path Stroke now support tapered strokes.
  • “Keep Last Used Attributes” checkbox is available in the Presets pop-up palettes from the Toolbox so that you can set the last used attributes as the default attributes.
  • Font and Font Size set before typing any text will be used as the default attributes.
  • The Smart Snaps has 2 new options: Visible Object Only and Include Objects in Groups
  • When you press an arrow key multiple times to move objects, Undo or Redo will move the objects to the original position immediately.
  • JPEG Export Options dialog box has the expandable preview window by selecting the Preview checkbox.
  • You can connect Smart Lines to the edge of any object type.
  • Linear and Object Side Dimension tool now snap to the basic vector object being measured so that when you resize the object, the Dimensioning objects will also be adjusted accordingly.
  • Image interpolation for rotated images is improved.
  • When you show the Guides layer for the 1st time, 4 guidelines will be created at the top, bottom, and left and right sides of the current document.
  • Edit mode icons are added at the left side of the Properties bar for exiting Edit modes easily.
  • When multiple objects are selected as the target of Paste Within Selection (Paste in front of Selection or Paste in back of Selection), copied object will be placed at the center of each selected object.
  • The Select Same Shape button is added to the Properties bar for EasyShape objects.
  • The default ink, stroke, and arrow presets are updated.


  • Fixed bug in which RGB or CMYK inks edited in the Attributes palette did not have the same ink names when they are applied to other objects.
  • Fixed bug in which a stroke, dash, or arrow could not be applied to vector objects by dragging it from the Presets list in the Attributes palette.
  • Fixed bug in which files saved as DXF or DWG could not be opened with AutoCAD® properly.
  • Fixed bug in which anti-alias was not applied to render objects with a clipping path when the clipping path was a group.
  • Fixed bug in which ink names of gradients, textures, symbols, and patterns would be lost when vector objects were copied and pasted.
  • Fixed bug in which descriptions of group objects were blank in the Document Layout palette.
  • Fixed bug in which the Envelope Edit mode was displayed as “Curve Edit Mode” in the Status bar.
  • Fixed bug in which the number format of documents was not respected in Angle edit boxes in the Properties bar of the Curve tool.
  • Fixed bug in which object names were not saved in CVD files.
  • Fixed bug in which stroke weight values in the Status bar did not respect the document number format.
  • Fixed bug in which selecting a recent color for the background color was ignored for Hatch and Symbol inks.
  • Fixed bug in which some hyperlinks did not work in web browsers when documents were saved as HTML.
  • Fixed bug in which text objects that were behind a hidden image object could not be put in Edit mode by double-clicking.
  • Fixed bug in which punctuation was erroneously removed after spelling errors were corrected.
  • Fixed bug in which colors were not able to be applied to selected objects specifying Web values in the RGB Bar manager of the Attributes palette.
  • Fixed bug in which areas and perimeters of circles changed when circles were rotated.
  • Fixed bug in which Path | Convert to Simple Path did not accurately create visual results for Parallel and Symbol strokes.
  • Fixed several bugs related to table object operations.
  • Fixed crash triggered by deleting some objects and re-saving some documents.
  • Fixed crash triggered by exiting the application while the Polygon Lasso tool was being used in Image Edit mode.
  • Fixed crash triggered by minimizing the application window to the vertical minimum and double-clicking at the Docking bar.
  • Fixed bug in which DXF/DWG import did not create objects properly when selecting a unit other than inches.
  • and more…

Supported File Formats


Known Issues

  • When clicking the Font menu (Text |Font) or the Font drop-down menu in the Properties bar for the 1st time of each session, you may see the spinning wheel because the font glyph previews are being generated.
  • Plain, Bold, Italic style icons are not available in the Type palette.
  • Character and paragraph styles saved in the Type palette of old Canvas for Mac or Windows versions are not compatible with Canvas Draw 6 for macOS, and vice versa.
  • Slide show transitions set in the Windows versions of Canvas or Canvas X are not compatible. They will be listed as “Unknown”.
  • PDF – Adobe® Acrobat® (Advanced) export will convert texts of Postscript Type 1, Dfonts, and some Japanese fonts to paths, even if you select Embed subset for Font embedding. However, it should not be an issue to view or print such PDF files.

Not Supported

  • Auto-hyphenation is not supported.
  • Drop Caps feature is not supported.
  • Trim to Path is not supported with images of multichannel or 16-bit/channel or 32-bit/channel.

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