Canvas Draw 2.0 Release Notes

New Features and Improvements
  • Path | Smart Join is added, which allows users to join multiple adjacent anchor points of vector objects.
  • Text | Rules is added, which allows users to add rules at the beginning and/or end of paragraph.
  • Image mode “Duotone” is supported now.
  • Image | Auto Trace is added, which allows users to create vector objects from image selections.
  • Image | Path to Selection is added, which creates a selection in images based on selected vector shapes.
  • Image | Selection to Path is added, which creates vector path objects out of image selections.
  • Image | Trim to Path is added, which punches an image with a selected vector path.
  • Custom filter (Image | Filter | Other | Custom) is added.
  • Object | Options | Crop Marks is added, which allows users to add crop marks to a selected object.
  • Docking Bar is added. Users can dock any palettes to the Docking Bar for quick access, to maximize the work area.
  • Link Manager palette is added. Users can assign URLs to selected objects or texts.
  • Extrude palette is added. Users can create objects that appear 3D from 2D vector paths.
  • Find palete is added. Users can search objects or texts with specified criteria on the current page.
  • Flowchart palette is added. Users can create flowcharts consisting of symbols and smart lines.
  • Hyperlink Pointer tool is added to the Toolbox. Users can test URLs assigned to objects before exporting the document.
  • Text Form Field tool is added to the Toolbox. Users can create fillable PDF Forms with the tool.
  • CGM and DWG/DXF files are supported for import.
  • CGM, DWG/DXF, HTML, and SVG files are supported for export.
  • Symbol Strokes are available in the Presets and Attributes palettes.
  • Pantone colors are available in the Attributes palettes.
  • Custom tab is added to the New Document screen and dialog box. Now, users can set the basic attributes of new documents there.
  • Users can now set whether to show or not show the New Document screen when the application lanches.
  • A default document template can be set for the New Document screen and dialog box.
  • More number formats are available: N.xx3, N.xxx4, N.xxxx5, N.xxxxxx [+Exx]
  • 2 more area formats are available: x^2 and acre
  • Custom units can be aded using Preferences (Measurements | Define Units).
  • Performance loading a large number of objects to the Document Layout palette is improved.
  • Screen drawing of the document area is improved for high-resolution monitors, like 4K monitors.
  • A crash on selecting RGB Tints or CMYK Tints in the Ink Manager of the Attributes palette on El Capitan is resolved.
  • The splash screen that does not show up on El Capitan is resolved.
  • A crash on saving a document after changing a text background color is resolved.
  • A file’s modified date will not be updated any longer by opening and closing the file without saving.
  • Even when the ruler is hidden, all Paint tools work nicely now.
  • Objects or Group objects can be dragged to add to the Symbol Library palette.
  • Pressing the return key now executes keyword searches in the Symbol Library palette.
  • For a long layer name, the first 7 letters and … will be displayed in the layer tab.
  • PSD files will be imported correctly to Canvas Draw in terms of their dimensions.
  • Undo and Redo work as they should on documents converted from a Presentation document upon import.
  • Multi-page TIF files are supported for import now.
  • Canvas Draw will not crash when clicking the Cancel button in the Document Setup dialog box while the Paper Color’s pop-up color palette is left open.
  • The Font drop-down menu from the Property Bar will appear over the Toolbox now.
  • The Font drop-down list is widened and shows font names in Full name, not PostScript name.
  • The Font drop-down list now shows 25 fonts, twice as many as before, without scrolling.
  • Text flow bars are neither shown in Preview of the Print dialog box, nor will they be printed.
  • Text boxes shown are neither shown in Preview of the Print dialog box, nor will they be printed.
  • Cube objects can be edited with their original fill color visible.
  • Transparency on Fill Only works for Cube objects now.
  • Locking or separating tool palettes from the Toolbox works better.
  • The Document Layout palette state and position will be remembered after restarting the application.
  • Supported files with names containing accent marks can be correctly placed by drag + drop now.
  • Canvas Draw no longer crashes during quitting the application when the Symbol or Texture Ink Manage is open.
  • Dragging an added alpha channel to the Mask channel no longer crashes the application.
  • Changing a paste board color in the Document Setup dialog box will not disable File | New and Open commands.
  • Moving the New Document screen will not disable File | New and Open commands anymore.
  • Image | Remove Visibility Mask and Add Visibility Mask toggle correctly. A selected solid color in the pop-up color palettes will be loaded to the Color Editor dialog box now.
  • Opening a file that is not supported by the application will show an error message, but will not cause crashing.
  • A non-blank template will no longer be replaced with a file being opened.
  • Attributes of a selected Neon stroke will be loaded to the Neon Stroke manager of the Attributes palette for editing.
  • Canvas Draw will no longer crash from opening a CVX file that contains objects with a Symbol fill ink that is made up of a text bound to a path.
Supported File Formats
Known Issues
  • PDF – Adobe® Acrobat® (Advanced) export will convert texts of Postscript Type 1 and Dfonts to paths even if you select “Embed subset” for the Font embedding. However, it should not be an issue to view or print such PDF files.
  • When a new blank document is active and you open a supported file, that blank new document will be replaced by the opening file. When you want to keep a blank new document, create an object first, and then open a file.
  • “Symbol” font, which is of unicode-base, is not supported.
  • JPG files exported with the Optimize Size check box selected can be viewed with Safari or Preview on El Capitan (Mac OS X 10.11), not on Mac OS X 10.10 or earlier.
  • When importing Canvas and Canvas X files, objects that are not supported by Canvas Draw will be represented as rectangles.
  • AI import only supports AI files that are saved with “Create PDF Compatible File option” selected.
  • “Mac App Store and identified developers” must be selected in Security & Privacy options of Mac OS X in order to detect a developer’s certificate for Canvas Draw.
  • Internet access is required to view the online Help. Offline Help is not available.
More Information

For information about Canvas Draw and to access additional resources, please visit the Product Support and Resources page online.

Additional information and resources include:

  • Software updates
  • Community site, including peer-to-peer product forums
  • Support