Canvas Draw 3.0 Release Notes

New Features and Improvements
  • Text engine and user interfaces are converted to Unicode-based.
  • CVD is Canvas Draw’s new proprietary file format, which supports Unicode texts.
  • Pressure sensitivity is supported by Paint tools with Wacom tablets.
  • Global code page setting is available in the Preferences dialog for opening legacy Canvas Draw, Canvas, and Canvas X files.
  • Canvas now supports inserting alternate characters while typing. To do so, you type a letter, such as A, and you hold it down until a dialog comes up. You then type the number above the alternate character you want to insert.
  • Copy & Paste now supports RTF.
  • Character selection, moving cursor, etc. now behave like in the TextEdit.
  • CVD preview supports 4K size.
  • CVD password encryption is now 128-bit.
  • Edit | Start Dictation (English only) and Edit | Emoji & Symbols are added.
  • Vertical Text tool and Vertical Text Object tool are available for Japanese input.
  • Brush Size Pointer is added back.
  • Font drop-down menu in the Properties bar is improved: Font Names and Font Styles, supported by a selected font, are in separate drop-down menus.
  • Recently used fonts will be listed at the top of the Font drop-down menu in the Properties bar.
  • Compression options are added for “Save As CVD and CVDTPL”: Fastest, Fast, Good, Best.
  • Preview options are added for “Save As CVD and CVDTPL”: None, 1st Page, Current Page, All Pages (default).
  • Pen and Fill inks can be swapped by pressing the X key when no objects are selected.
  • Ink settings can be reverted to the factory default inks (Pen ink: Black, Fill ink: White) by pressing the ~ key when no objects are selected.
  • Option + space keys will temporarily switch to Magnifying Glass tool.
  • Greek letters can be typed with Symbol font selected.
  • Folder name can be set differently from a document name for HTML export.
  • The last character selected from Insert drop-down menu in the Properties bar can be inserted repeatedly.
  • Pixel Mode can be enabled for Publication documents from Layout | Display | Pixel Mode.
  • “Edit Frame Gradient” works correctly from the context menu now.
  • The application no longer crashes when selecting a color of node from the pop-up color palette to edit the gradient ink.
  • [command] + click with the Curve tool can draw a polyline or polygon.
  • A range value for the Push tool can be set to a value smaller than “3 in” using the Spin Controls in the Properties bar.
  • The stability of the application is improved when working with or copying/pasting large high-DPI images.
  • Additional ink sets are accessible from the Preset palette menu.
  • After editing the path of Lens object, Lens-related controls will be correctly shown in the Propertis bar when the Lens object is selected.
  • A page break bounding box will be updated accordingly after you change options in the Page Setup dialog box.
  • Image Quality option in the JPEG Export Options dialog box is working now as it should.
  • File Properties data, like Author or Description, will be exported as metadata to HTML files.
  • Canvas Draw will respect the Number separators (Grouping and Decimal) set at the System Preferences for the Mac OS X.
Supported File Formats
Known Issues
  • File | Page Setup is removed. The options in the Page Setup dialog box are combined in the Print dialog. In order to show the page break correctly on a document, you must set a printer and other options, and click the Save and Close button without printing.
  • To set borderless printing, you need to go into the printer settings in the Print dialog and set the paper. Not all printers support borderless printing even though the paper sizes may be listed. Please check your printer manual to see if your printer supports borderless printing.
  • When applying another font to texts with UPPERCASE, lowercase, or Title style, the style will be lost.
  • Document Scale/Drawing Scale can be set to an Illustration document only.
  • Copy & Paste in RTF will not work from applications, like the Chrome web browser, which does not copy texts in RTF to the clipboard.
  • PDF – Adobe® Acrobat® (Advanced) export will convert texts of Postscript Type 1, Dfonts, and some Japanese fonts to paths even if you select “Embed subset” for the Font embedding. However, it should not be an issue to view or print such PDF files.
  • When a new blank document is active and you open a supported file, that new document will be replaced by the opening file. When you want to keep a blank new document, create an object first, and then open a file.
  • JPG files exported with the “Optimize Size” check box selected can be viewed with Safari or Preview on El Capitan (Mac OS X 10.11), not on Mac OS X 10.10 or earlier.
  • When importing Canvas and Canvas X files, objects that are not supported by Canvas Draw will be represented as rectangles.
  • AI import only supports AI files that are saved with “Create PDF Compatible File option” selected.
  • The Date format set for Mac OS X is not respected in the Time column of the Comments & Markup palette.
  • “Mac App Store and identified developers” must be selected in Security & Privacy options of Mac OS X in order to detect a developer’s certificate for Canvas Draw.
  • Internet access is required to view the online Help. Offline Help is not available. Help files in PDF can be downloaded from the support page.
Not Supported
  • CNV, CVI, CVX, TPL are no longer supported for export.
  • CVD files cannot be opened with other Canvas products due to Unicode text support.
  • “Preserve Canvas editing capabilities”” is removed from the PDF Export Options dialog box.
  • The warning of opening a PDF file in PDF Import Options dialog box is removed.
  • “Make Permanent” check box is removed in Font Match dialog box. Fonts will be always substituted permanently; user should save it as another file name if s/he wants to keep the original document.
  • Bound text objects do not support text flow from one text object to another.
  • Pressing [option] + [command] keys to select the previously selected tool in the Toolbox is removed.
  • EPSF Import Options dialog box is removed. Objects are simply placed in the document.
  • Soft Hyphen is removed from the Insert Char drop-down menu in the Properties bar and from Edit | Insert.
  • Text | Style | Bold, Italic, Small Caps, UPPERCASE, lowercase, Title are no longer supported. For Bold and Italic, however, when a font has Bold or Italic or both styles, you can still apply by selecting an appropriate font style.
More Information

For information about Canvas Draw and to access additional resources, please visit the Product Support and Resources page online.

Additional information and resources include:

  • Software updates
  • Community site, including peer-to-peer product forums
  • Support