Canvas X 2017 and Canvas X 2017 GIS Release Notes


  • CVD and CVDTPL files created with Canvas Draw 3 for Mac can be opened.
  • CVS files created with Canvas 3.5 can be opened.
  • Snap to Grids and Snap to Guides can be turned on and off from the Properties bar when no objects are selected.
  • Flip horizontally and vertically icons are added to the Properties bar.
  • The last-used Combine command in the Properties bar is remembered and can be applied repeatedly.
  • The Distribute Inside Horizontally and the Distribute Inside Vertically icons are added next to the basic Align icons in the Properties bar.
  • The Selection Bounds option is added to the Align to: in the Align palette, which allows users to align based on selection boundaries instead of the key object among the selection.
  • The Preserve Data checkbox is added back so that a selected image can be resized based on a set resolution instead of resampling it.
  • Edit modes are indicated visually by showing the edit mode’s icon in the Properties bar, as well as highlighting the Object Type field in the Status bar.
  • When using the Marquee tool to create an image selection, the width and height of the selection are indicated in the Object Details field in the Status bar.
  • The Auto Dimensioning features are added to the Properties bar and under the Object menu.
  • The Radius or Diameter dimensioning objects’ value positions can be adjusted by double-clicking and dragging.
  • The Annotation Lens tool, which allows the user to easily callout and magnify specific areas of objects, is added to the Toolbox.
  • The Smart Shuffe Up and Down features, which move selected objects above or behind their nearest neighbors with overlapping bounding boxes, are added to the Toolbar and under the Object | Arrange.
  • The Dynamic Shadow command, which creates a shadow that dynamically updates according to the changes made to its object, is added to the SpriteEffects filters.
  • SpriteEffects applied to selected objects can be put into edit mode or deleted from the context menu.
  • Clear All SpriteEffects and Remove SpriteLayer (transparency) Effect icons are added next to the SpriteEffects drop-down menu in the Properties bar.
  • The orientation or dimensions of each sheet/page in multiple-page documents can be changed. Such documents can be exported as PDFs.
  • Sheet/Page icon in the Document Layout palette indicates “Portrait” or “Landscape”.
  • Sheets/Pages which have orientations or dimensions different from the default document setting will be indicated with a redish icon in the Document Layout palette.
  • Sheet/Page orientations or dimensions can be changed from the Options dialog box (Layout | Sheets/Pages | Sheet/Page Properties…)
  • The Keep the original guide checkbox, which allows users to create additional guides from the double-clicked guide instead of moving it, is added to the Guildes dialog box.
  • The tool icons in the Toolbox are updated and rearranged.
  • Choosing Edit | Shift+Paste will paste copied objects at the same positions in another sheet/page.
  • Choosing Edit | Shift+Paste & Replace Selection will replace the selected object with the copied objects at the center without scaling.
  • The Docking Pane can be opened or closed by clicking the focused tab.
  • Basic touch screen operations, like selecting, drawing, or painting, and two-finger zooming and panning, are supported.
  • Operations, such as launching the application, loading CVX files, saving as CVX, and handling large images, are optimized.
  • The update/message notification icon is added on the right side of the Toolbar.
  • The following camera models are newly supported for digital camera RAW import:
    • Canon EOS 1200D (REBEL T5, KISS X70), EOS 1300D (Rebel T6, Kiss X80), EOS 5DS, EOS 5DS R, EOS 750D (Rebel T6i, Kiss X8i), EOS 760D (Rebel T6s, Kiss 8000D), EOS 7D Mark II, EOS 80D, EOS M3, EOS-1D X Mark II, PowerShot G1X Mark II, Powershot G3 X, PowerShot G5 X, PowerShot G7 X, PowerShot G9 X, PowerShot SX60 HS
    • Fujifilm FinePix S1, X100S, X100T, X20, X30, X-A2, X-E1, X-E2, X-M1, X-Pro1, XQ1, XQ2, X-T1, X-T10
    • Leica D-LUX 6
    • Nikon 1 J4, J5, V3, CoolPix P340, D4S, D5, D500, D750, D810, D5500, D7200
    • Olympus AIR-A01, E-PL7, OM-D E-M10 II, OM-D E-M5 II, SH-2, TG-4
    • Panasonic DMC-CM1, DMC-G7, DMC-GF6, DMC-GF7, DMC-GH4, DMC-GM5, DMC-ZS50 (TZ70, TZ71), Lumix DMC-FZ300, Lumix DMC-FZ330, Lumix DMC-FZ1000, Lumix DMC-GX8, Lumix DMC-LX100
    • Ricoh GR II
    • Samsung NX mini, NX1, NX500, NX3000
    • Sony A5100, A7R II (ILCE-7RM2), Sony A7S, Sony A7S II (ILCE-7SM2), Alpha A5000, Alpha A6000, DSC-RX10M2, DSC-RX100M4, ILCA-68 (A68), ILCE-6300 (A6300), Sony ILCE-7M2, ILCE-QX1, RX10 III (DSC-RX10M3), RX100M3, RX1R II (DSC-RX1RM2), SLT-A77 II

Fixed Issues

  • The Past Text Only command in the text context menu will insert copied texts at the insertion point in the text object as intended.
  • You can click the area above, below, left, or right of the scroll handle in the scroll bars for quick panning.
  • The Marquee or Oval Marquee tool now allows users to select a fixed area larger than 1000 pixels, if applicable.
  • Opacity can be correctly applied to an image of monochrome (Black and White) color mode.
  • Layer #1 of the Master Page is now clearly indicated in the Layers to save dialog box.
  • Dragging the tail part of a balloon EasyShape object no longer has a redrawing issue.
  • Path | Join will be applicable when more than 2 open vector objects are selected.
  • The SpriteEffects drop-down menu is added to the Properties bar shown when an EasyShape is selected.
  • The Remove spaces from layer names checkbox is added to the DWG/DXF Options dialog box in case it is opened with an application that does not support spaces in layer names.
  • Various UI issues on high-DPI or 4K monitors are resolved.
  • Short date and long time format will be used based on the OS Region setting.
  • The Put Away Palettes command will not clear the Toolbox or palettes in the Docking Pane anymore.
  • The Fill filter (Image | Filter | Other | Fill) with the blending mode “Dissolve” will be applied correctly to an image selection.
  • Opening and closing the Align palette several times does not place the palette out of the screen.
  • When a Canvas X document unit is supported by DWG or DXF, that unit will be used to save the document as DWG or DXF.
  • The Print to Canvas feature (Canvas PS Driver must be installed at the time of the initial installation or by choosing File | Set up Canvas X Printer later) is working on Windows 10.

Known Issues

  • If your Windows operating system (Windows 7, 8, or 8.1) has not been kept up-to-date, launching Canvas X 2017 may incur an error message about missing .dll files. In the event that you encounter this error message, please refer to KB2999226 to install a proper package for your Windows operating system. Then try re-installing Canvas X 2017 to resolve the issue.
  • In order to enable the pressure sensitivity of Canvas X on Surface Pro 4, please download the latest WinTab drivers, install them, and restart the OS before launching the application.
  • It is recommended to restart the operating system after the installation so that necessary redistributables are also completely installed to the system.
  • When importing a PDF file, its 1st page size will be the document paper size in Canvas X.
  • The icons of Visible, Locked, Printable, etc. and their buttons below in the Document Layout palette are misaligned in higher DPI settings.

Not Supported

  • A multi-page document with different orientations will not print as such. Please print pages of different orientations or dimensions separately.
  • Double-clicking the Selection tool in the Toolbox does not deselect objects any more.

More Information

For information about Canvas X 2017 and to access additional resources, please visit the Product Support and Resource page online. Additional information and resources include:

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  • Supported camera RAW formats
  • Tutorials
  • User Guide
  • Knowledge Base
  • Support

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