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Canvas X GIS 2018 Product Support and Resources

Create, enhance and share technical illustrations

Canvas X GIS 2018 boasts a complete geographic information system module. This includes providing a powerful set of GIS-based features and commands that support a range of geospatial data formats, defining complex map projections, and performing advanced property operations. New optimization allows you to quickly open and work with documents containing over a million objects.

System Requirements

To activate your software, you will need a valid email address and an internet connection.


  • I​​​​ntel® Pentium® 4 or better 64-bit processor​
  • 4 GB RAM installed
  • 2 GB free hard disk space (4 GB recommended)
  • 16-bit color or higher (True color recommended)
  • 1024×768 or higher screen resolution recommended​


  • Windows® 7​, Windows® 8, or Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10 (all 64-bit OS)​

Available Downloads

Release Notes

Version Date File Size Latest Updates
2018.0 (Build 286) 2018-08-09 250 MB Download 2018.0 (Build 286)
2018.0 (Build 278) 2018-05-03 250 MB Download 2018.0 (Build 278)
2018.0 (Build 263) 2018-01-25 249 MB Download 2018.0 (Build 263)
2018.0 (Build 239) 2017-12-05 249 MB Download 2018.0 (Build 239)
Version Release Notes
2018.0 (Build 286) More Info
2018.0 (Build 278) More Info
2018.0 (Build 263) More Info
2018.0 (Build 239) More Info

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