Release Notes for Canvas X and Canvas X Geo

Build 20.0.519
  • The Fit to Window button is added to the Properties bar of the Magnifying Glass tool.
  • Text | Insert | File Name is added so that a file name can be displayed in header and footer.
  • Text | Insert | User Name is added so that a user name can be displayed in header and footer.
  • Canvas X Draw’s inks, pens, dashes, and arrows can be loaded to the Presets palette.
  • Load Symbol Set is added to the context menu from ‘Canvas X Symbols’ of ‘My Symbols’ category in the Symbol Library palette.
  • Help | Restore Canvas Settings is added so that you can easily restore the factory default settings.
  • Annotation Lens tool icon is updated in the Toolbox.
  • The Apply to all pages checkbox in the Properties bar is not selected by default to avoid unwanted results.
  • The Selection tool can detect objects with hyperlinks; now, Ctrl+click on such objects to show the target links in the default Web browser.
  • When an object is selected, the Align commands are now available in the Properties bar so that you can align it based on the document bounds.
  • A+ and A- icons are added to increase or decrease the font size in the Properties bar so that the font size can be changed by clicking them repeatedly.
  • When multiple objects are selected, you can drag a corner of the selected objects to resize them proportionally at once.
  • The Entire Page checkbox is added to the Properties bar of the Camera tool so that the area of rendering will automatically set to the current document bounds.
  • Fixed bug in which all layers (except the current layer) could not be toggled between “Not Visible and “Visible” at once by deselecting and selecting “Visible” of Sheet/Page/Frame/Slide in the Document Layout palette.
  • Fixed bug in which non-breaking spaces in CVD files were imported as a different character.
  • Fixed bug in which hovering Effect | Mirror showed incorrect description in the Hintline field of the Status bar.
  • Fixed bug in which Insert Row or Column did not respect the font of the focused cell in Table object.
  • Fixed bug in which the 4 icons in the Open dialog box were not High-DPI compatible.
  • Fixed bug in which the Smart Snaps setting in the Properties bar did not synchronize with the state of Layout | Smart Snaps | Smart Snaps On.
  • Fixed bug in which pressing Arrow keyboard keys made the current document out of sight.
  • Fixed bug in which a Table object would be created with arrows when the current default setting was with an arrowhead or arrowheads.
  • Fixed bug in which changing a zoom level from the Zoom control did not respect the center of page when there was no selection.
  • Fixed bug in which importing SVG files unnecessarily created two anchor points at the start and end of polygons.
  • Fixed bug in which a sequence of selecting image objects only did not work properly.
  • Fixed bug in which some EMF objects of images could not be converted to Canvas X objects properly.
  • Fixed bug in which Snap to Guides was always turned on for new documents.
  • Fixed bug in which Change All in the Text tab of the Find palette did not work properly.
  • Fixed bug in which the use of Grab Attributes in the Find palette caused subsequent Find operations not to work properly.
  • Fixed bug in which DICOM files could not be opened.
  • Fixed bug in which the document size was erroneously changed by importing PSD files (Image |Import).
  • Fixed bug in which the application became unstable after undoing pasted images from Snip & Sketch.
  • Fixed bug in which while using the Sprite tool, clicking or dragging outside of the image prematurely exited the edit session.
  • Fixed bug in which the Font Match in the CGM Import Options dialog box did not work properly.
  • Fixed bug in which recorded “Rotate” sequences were played in the opposite direction from the actual direction.
  • Fixed bug in which hidden paths of bound texts were not included when they got grouped with other objects.
  • Fixed bug in which Copy & Paste or Duplicate of texts “Inside Shape” remained selecting both the texts and shape.
  • Fixed bug in which typing would create another Text object when the shape of texts “Inside Shape” was selected.
  • Fixed bug in which very fast typing might have caused a missing character or characters.
  • Fixed bug in which Invert Selection did not work on anchor points of vector objects.
Geo Only
  • Fixed bug in which when selecting GDB (ESRI File Geodatabase) from the Files of type drop-list in the Open dialog box, *.gdbtable files were not listed.
Known Issues
    • Image | Proxy and the associated features are removed.
    • Edit | Copy Special is removed.
    • 3D View tool is removed from the Toolbox.
    • CMX (Corel Presentation Exchange Legacy) is no longer supported for import.
Build 20.0.457(Canvas X)/20.0.456(Canvas X Geo)
  • Fixed bug in which the user interface of the Math Equation Creator dialog box was in Japanese.
  • Fixed bug in which some objects could not be selected with Find.
  • Fixed bug related to changing background colors of some selected texts.
Build 20.0.440
  • File | New from Template is added.
  • Copy as Text button is added to the Properties bar of Table object so that you can copy the data to a spreadsheet in columns and rows.
  • Edit | Paste in Place (Ctrl+Shift+V) is added so that you can place the contents in the clipboard at the original position on another page.
  • Ctrl-scroll the mouse now zooms in or out at the mouse pointer on a particular object.
  • Layout | Smart Mouse & Guides now shows Smart Mouse On or Off and Virtual Guides On or Off.
  • Drag and move the selected object in the Document Layout palette is improved.
  • When opening raster image files, the document unit will be set to pixels.
  • Fixed bug in which more than one Table object could not be copied and pasted in the document.
  • Fixed bug in which EXIF date in JPG or TIF was not exported.
  • Fixed bug in which images in indexed colors showed some artifacts when zooming out.
  • Fixed bug in which objects copied in Canvas X were not pasted to Microsoft PowerPoint properly.
  • Fixed bug in which closed Polygons had an extra symbol at the end point when applied with Symbol Pen strokes
  • Fixed bug in which type style names that were created with the Type palette in CVD files were not correctly recognized when the CVD files were opened in Canvas X.
  • Fixed bug in which the last state of the Smart Snaps in the Properties bar, either on or off, was not remembered after the application was restarted.
  • Fixed bug in which the search feature in the Document Layout palette only found the first matched item on the current page.
  • Fixed bug in which the Marquee tool remained selected after using Image) | Selection to Path) on the image.
  • Fixed bug in which Calligraphic strokes were not exported properly to PDF or SVG.
  • Fixed bug in which the Page Navigator did not show the opened CVTPL file when another document was displayed there.
  • Fixed bug in which Smooth Polygon objects were displayed as “Polygon” in the Status bar.
  • Fixed bug in which hovering the column header icons in the Document Layout palette did not show the proper tooltips.
  • Fixed bug in which Undo did not revert resizing an object with Basic Dimensioning objects at once.
  • Fixed bug in which Align functions did not work with Linear Dimensioning objects.
  • Fixed bug related to selecting texts in cells of the Table object while the Smart Mouse was on.
  • Fixed bug related to selecting data or time stamp in the header or footer and replacing it with another.
  • Fixed bug related to creating lines on the Guide layer while Anchor, Center and Intersection were enabled in the Smart Mouse palette.
  • Fixed bug related to using the Smart Vector Fill tool on Lens objects.
  • Fixed bug related to changing the Font Attributes in the Find palette.
  • Fixed bug related to changing the font of bound texts which were partially hidden
Known Issues
  • Ctrl+Shift+V is reassigned from Edit | Paste Into to Edit | Paste in Place.
Build 20.0.390
New Features
  • Visual Combine tool, which allows you to visually and intuitively combine the common areas of overlapping vector objects to create complex shapes.
  • Vector Brush tool, which allows you to draw vector curve paths with strokes with tapered ends.
  • Measure Path tool allows you to draw a polygon path, measure the distance of the path, and calculate data, such as required time and/or required steps to travel the distance based on velocity parameters you have set.
  • QR Code tool allows you to easily create and place QR codes that can be read by smart phones.
  • Ink/Stroke Selection tool, which allows you to select an object with specific attributes and every object sharing those attributes will also be selected.
  • Object | Create Math Equation allows you to create editable math equation objects and place them in your documents. After creating it, you can edit the equations, resize the object, or change the color of the equations anytime.
  • Layout | Grids and Guides | Create Isometric Guides allows you to draw objects in the Isometric Projection using Isometric Guides and vector drawing tools.
  • Path | Convert to Polygon allows you to convert any vector or text objects to polygons.
  • Table object’s data can be sorted: A to Z, Z to A, Smallest to Largest, or Largest to Smallest from the Properties bar.
  • The Smart Snaps has 2 new options: Visible Object Only and Include Objects in Groups.
  • You can connect Smart Lines to the edge of any simple vector objects.
  • Linear and Object Side Dimension tool now snap to the basic vector object being measured so that when you resize the object, the Dimensioning objects will also be adjusted accordingly.
  • The Equilateral check box and the Side Length are available in some of the EasyShape tool’s Properties bar to create triangles, diamonds, pentagons, hexagons, and octagons with all sides of the same length.
  • Calligraphic Pens now support tapered ends.
  • Outline Path Stroke now support tapered strokes.
  • “Keep Last Used Attributes” checkbox is available in the Presets pop-up palettes from the Toolbox so that you can set the last used attributes as the default attributes.
  • Font and Font Size set before typing any text will be used as the default attributes.
  • When you press an arrow key multiple times to move objects, Undo or Redo will move the objects to the original position immediately.
  • Image interpolation for rotated images is improved.
  • When you show the Guides layer for the 1st time, 4 guidelines will be created at the top, bottom, and left and right sides of the current document.
  • More “Edit mode” icons are added at the left side of the Properties bar for exiting Edit modes easily.
  • Page Crop tool now has the Scale Type in the Properties bar: Crop To Page, Scale to Page, and Objects Only.
  • Page Navigator palette has the new context menu commands: Page Properties, Delete, Insert, Duplicate, and Go To.
  • “Save just the current page as an image (GIF or JPEG format) radio button is added to the Save To Web dialog box (File | Save to Web).
  • The SVG/SVGZ Export Options have the Use Selection Bounds checkbox so that you can export objects in the dimensions of the selection instead of the document size.
  • Effect | Combine can be directly used with EasyShapes now.
  • Font sizes in a Table object will be proportionally scaled by Shift+Alt+drag, which allows to apply Text | Normalize Font Size.
  • The active Guides layer is indicated with “*” in case that there are more than one Guides layers added in a page.
  • The arrow icon to go next or previous of the Properties bar is now highlighted in blue for better discoverability.
  • The maximum number of selected vector objects for the Combine in the Properties bar is increased up to 20.
  • Image | Auto Trace and Save as PNG with the mask option are now supported for scripting.
  • Fixed bug in which Path | Outline Path Stroke did not respect “outside pen” or “inside pen stroke”.
  • Fixed bug in which a new value of Linear dimensioning object got obscured by the old value while editing it.
  • Fixed bug in which transformed vector object behaved incorrectly while changing its height or width and X or Y position in the Properties bar.
  • Fixed bug in which some objects were not scaled properly when they were exported as DWG.
  • Fixed bug in which deleting a sheet/page/frame/slide by Layout | Sheet/Page/Frame/Slide | Delete did not properly refresh preview thumbnails in the Page Navigator palette.
  • Fixed bug in which placing an image (File | Place) could not be undone by Edit | Undo.
  • Fixed bug in which the Envelope edit mode showed the selection handles erroneously and was indicated as “Curve edit mode” in the status bar.
  • Fixed bug in which the Centerline of Symbol Strokes was drawn over the symbols.
  • Fixed bug in which RGB or CMYK inks edited in the Attributes palette did not have the same ink names when they are applied to other objects.
  • Fixed bug in which the number format of documents was not respected in Angle edit boxes in the Properties bar of the Curve tool.
  • Fixed bug in which stroke weight values in the Status bar did not respect the document number format.
  • Fixed bug in which selecting a recent color for the background color was ignored for Hatch and Symbol inks in the Attributes palette.
  • Fixed bug in which areas and perimeters of circles changed when circles were rotated.
  • Fixed bug in which Path | Convert to Simple Path did not accurately create visual results for Calligraphic, Parallel and Symbol strokes.
  • Fixed crash triggered by duplicating the Master Page.
  • Fixed crash triggered by applying Path | Outline Path Stroke to objects with “hairline” stroke.
    and more…
Known Issues
  • Hyphenation is turned off by default. Please select the Hyphenation on check box in the Hyphens tab of the Type palette (Text | Type).
  • When Windows operating system (Windows 7, 8, or 8.1) has not been kept up-to-date, launching Canvas X 2020 may incur an error message about missing .dll files. In the event that you encounter this error message, please refer to KB2999226 to install a proper package for your Windows operating system. Then try re-installing Canvas X 2020 to resolve the issue.
  • In order to enable the pressure-sensitivity of Canvas X on Surface Pro, please download the latest WinTab drivers, install them, and restart the OS before launching the application.
  • It is recommended to restart the operating system after the installation so that necessary redistributable packages are completely installed on the system.
Not Supported
  • A multi-page document with different orientations will not print as such. Please print pages of different orientations or dimensions separately.
More Information

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