Canvas X Tutorials

Canvas has an extensive set of tools and features, and we wanted to give you a quick introduction.  Many of these tutorials are applicable to Canvas Draw as well.   Please click the icon in the bottom right of a playing video to see a larger version.

Canvas X Interface (3:00)
Color Palette (0:54)
Using Colors (0:56)
Path Text Tool (0:35)
Smart Snaps (1:00)
Selecting & Grouping (1:51)
Drawing Tools (1:48)
Clipping Path (1:14)
Text Tool (2:50)
Dimensioning Tools (2:08)
Annotation tools (2:11)
Auto Trace (1:50)
Dynamic Effects (2:00)
SpriteEffects (1:48)
Curve Tool (2:58)
Transparency Tools (1:24)