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democratize your data

Democracy makes essential things available to everyone who needs them. It gives everyone the power to contribute to, and influence, large and important outcomes. Data Democratization is no different. By making critical data available to every qualified person who needs it, and giving them the ability to visualize, communicate, and collaborate, you empower them. And they will become more effective at driving the organization towards its goals.

With Canvas Envision, you can democratize your data, no matter how complex and diverse it may be, making it, Accessible, Understandable, and Actionable.

  • Put critical data in the hands of everyone who needs it
  • One visual communication application to ingest and work with huge diversity of data
  • Simple and fast to create and consume rich visual content
  • Work in the universal language of visual communication with a powerful graphics engine
  • Translate complex and diverse data into clear, comprehensible visual assets
  • Complex data and ideas made easy for a broad audience and demographic
  • Unlock data value by ensuring audience knows what needs to be done
  • Enable downstream team members to seek clarity in real-time
  • Create a collaborative environment for visual assets to be refined and optimized


connecting the entire enterprise

See how different stakeholders across the enterprise can leverage our visual teamwork platform to communicate and collaborate.

Canvas Envision empowers teams right across the organization to work faster, and work smarter, by communicating and collaborating visually. See how Envision can drive efficiencies and cut cost throughout the enterprise and ecosystem.

fix + repair

For the teams tasked with maintaining your products, whether they’re internal, customer-based, or working out of distributors and dealerships, clarity on how to keep your product in prime condition is an operational essential. They may be used to dealing with low-resolution graphics, hard copy documentation, or a massive database of PDFs that come into the business on USB drives.

With Envision they get direct, real-time access to the most up-to-date version of the content available, through any device. And they can interact with the product models in the documents to ensure they understand exactly what’s required. They can mark-up documentation and feedback on processes and improvements required. Repairs and maintenance happen faster, at less cost, and essential process data is automatically routed back upstream.

business development

Your Business Development Reps (BDRs) are out on the hunt and you need to make sure they’re armed with the most compelling data imaginable to bring prospects to the table. Typically they have had to rely on product engineers to supply visual assets for use in their sales collateral; static screenshot images that can never do justice to the unique competitive advantage your products can deliver.

With Envision from Canvas your commercial content team can access the original product models – screened for sensitive IP, of course – to create fully customized sales collateral for every big prospect that’s in a dialog. Potential customers get access to browser-based interactive proposals and can visually collaborate with your BDRs to understand what they need to do within the proposal document itself. And you capture key customer responses to your products and proposals within Envision.

product design

Executive design reviews and approvals are time consuming. Product engineers can spend weeks waiting for approved content to come back over email. Or they might simply have to carry their CAD-equipped laptop to another part of the building to explain product details to different stakeholders. In a post-Covid world that’s not always possible and, even where it is, it’s not efficient.

With Envision, product engineers can drive measurable efficiencies by cutting awkward, multi-application workflows, collaborating directly with all stakeholders in a single Envision document which stays current thanks to associative data. And because Envision has been designed to power effective visual communication for everyone, documentation is always precise as well as dynamic.


Bill of Materials tables are complex and subject to constant change. Updates are often manual and associated delays are tolerated such that they’re often baked into operational costs. Procurement teams can use Envision to ensure suppliers and buyers always have access to the same, up to date content in a fully interactive and communicative environment. Product changes can associate automatically throughout documentation and those baked in costs can be a thing of the past.


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See how to create rich technical documentation using photos, vector graphics, text, annotations, and 3D CAD


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quick and intuitive

“With no experience I created an installation instruction demo sheet with a BOM and highlighted notes in about 30 minutes.”

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smart tools for fast work

“I really like the annotation lens because you can instantly zoom to the precise point you need to show in more detail.”

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for visual communicators

“Canvas is invaluable in taking that complex data and making it very easy for the mechanics to understand.”

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