.evdoc vs .pdf

Goodbye flat files, hello interactive 3D visual communication

The .pdf might have been the future once, but it’s time now for the .evdoc.

The Canvas Envision .evdoc gives everyone the ability to work with 3D CAD models to create interactive visual documents which can be viewed through any browser. And it lets your audience pop those models out of your documents and interact with them to understand precisely what you need them to.

Check out the video below to see the difference .evdoc can make to your visual communication.

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Want to understand what makes Canvas Envision different? Check out .evdoc vs .pdf!


Seeing is believing. Interacting is understanding

You don’t just show your products to people with Envision, you let people interact with and understand them. When you publish your marketing assets to the Envision cloud, your audience can access them in an instant through any browser. And, with a single click, they can pop 3D models out of the document and interact with them to view them from any angle, view metadata, and even isolate or hide individual components. That’s communication that leaps off the page.

Envision is about working together. You can share the documents you’re working on with colleagues and team members wherever they’re located. They can interact, mark-up, feed-back, clarify, and sign off. Perfect for working in distributed teams, for checking product details with your engineering team and for clearing the finished document with sales and business development teams.

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