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Plantation, FL (October 1, 2019) – Canvas GFX, Inc. releases its latest edition of technical graphic illustration software, Canvas X 2020 and Canvas X GIS 2020. The Canvas X product line provides a diverse illustration and design environment for professionals for graphic designers, illustrators, architects, seismologists, and GIS professionals. Canvas X combines industrial precision, with accuracy up to 0.035 microns, with compatibility with over 120 formats. Canvas X blends vector objects, raster images, text, and effects.

“While I’m a newcomer to Canvas, I really believe this is our best release ever and I am proud of our team because I know that they are truly dedicated to our customers” said Patricia Hume, CEO.  We’ve added powerful new function and features that address a broader set of use cases, and introduced new pricing that we believe will appeal to a much larger market.  And the path ahead holds even more excitement as we tackle huge opportunities in Service Lifecycle Management (SLM), one of the last frontiers in workplace digitization.”

“Our customers asked. We delivered. We’ve significantly improved our products with new features, enhancements, and fixes that were requested by our loyal customers,” said Simon Tipler, VP Product. “And for those we couldn’t fit in, we’re working hard on upcoming releases of brand-new products incorporating feedback from over 2,000 survey responses.”

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For a complete list of features and improvements, please see the Canvas X 2020 and Canvas X GIS 2020 release notes:

For a complete list of features and improvements, please see the Canvas X 2020 and Canvas X GIS 2020 release notes:

Availability and Pricing

Canvas X 2020 and Canvas X GIS 2020 are available for a 14 day free trial with no application restrictions or limitations at

One year subscription Three year subscription
Canvas X 2020 $259/year $399 every 3 years
(save $378)
Canvas X GIS 2020 $299/year $469 every 3 years
(save $428)
About Canvas GFX, Inc.

Canvas GFX is a leading provider of graphic illustration and technical documentation software.  Canvas software is used by people to simplify documentation and the sharing of complex objects and systems. Many of the world’s largest companies in the aerospace, defense and manufacturing industry use Canvas’ all in one graphical design and technical illustration software as an integral part of their documentation workflow.  Canvas GFX has offices in Boston, MA, Fort Lauderdale, FL and Vancouver BC.

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