Project Description

Import 100+ file types, measure, notate, and preserve important details with sub-micron precision. Collage important data from visual, textual and object-based sources. Multi-level security oriented markup means you decide what to share. Enjoy easy to use presentation and publishing tools for finalizing your work.

Canvas X is how engineers and technical graphics professionals illustrate and communicate with confidence. Canvas X’s minimum precision levels (up to .035 microns), and powerful object illustration + image editing tools, ensure that the accuracy of visual data is maintained, from enhancement, to design, to review, to delivery. Canvas X offers state-of-the-art 2D technical document creation, encryption, sharing, and review management solutions.

Canvas X’s powerful scientific imaging and measurement toolsets ensure that important 2-D data can be analyzed and notated with sub-micron precision. Share powerful, object data-enhanced presentations securely and confidently with multi-level markup and document encryption, or communicate convincingly to a diverse audience with graphically rich, professionally formatted print and presentation-ready documents and PDFs.

Use Canvas X to draw, measure, comment, or notate object-based graphics or flat images, making use of an extensive symbol library with over 5000+ industry segmented glyphs. With Canvas X’s optional GIS+ module, you can also handle most forms of geodata, giving you the ability to seamlessly move between field data, images, and map locations in the same document, allowing for real-space representations of up to 2000 square miles.

With support for over 100 file types, Canvas X saves time and money for labs, engineering teams, and forensics departments by providing a truly integrated solution designed around precision, fidelity, and ease of use. Whether you’re analyzing wing fatigue, an equipment repair, or are trying to piece together 2-D and text output, Canvas X is made for your workplace.

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