drive workflow efficiencies with Canvas X Pro

technical illustration software for manufacturing

Manufacturing companies across a wide variety of sectors, from start-ups to Fortune 50 brands, use Canvas technical illustration software to create optimized and cost-effective documentation workflows.

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canvas provides the leading technical illustration software for manufacturing companies

“You make wonderful software. Myself and my team are some of your biggest users.”

– RW, Technical Lead at Boeing

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import and visualize 3D CAD models and metadata

create precision 2D illustrations of 3D models

generate critical technical documentation

create more autonomous workflows


access to high value data – for everyone

Employees throughout manufacturing companies need access to 3D CAD models and data to create everything from assembly instructions and installation and service manuals, to manufacturing process documentation.

But with this data often existing in siloes and only accessible within certain departments or by particular employees with expensive CAD software, this can be very difficult to achieve.


canvas makes it possible

Canvas gives everyone on the team the ability to work with that data in an affordable, intuitive technical illustration package. With Canvas X3 any user can import 3D CAD models, create every view they need, add graphical elements and annotations, and create perfect technical documentation.

“With no experience of Canvas X3, I brought in a 3D CAD model, created an installation instruction demo sheet with a BoM and callouts, and it took me about 30 minutes!” DG, VP, Glendee/MGI

partial screenshot of Canvas X³ 3D technical drawing software showing 3D CAD object and easy user interface


key features for manufacturing companies


explode assemblies, ghost and highlight individual parts

switch between multiple views, including wireframe, silhouette, flat technical and more

create Bill of Materials tables using file metadata

use the Annotation Lens to quickly create high clarity callouts


a key workflow hub

Because Canvas offers market-leading file format import versatility, it occupies a unique position in the workflows at some of the world’s largest manufacturers.

Highly complementary to specialist software used in manufacturing
Able to import images, text, and metadata in 100+ file formats
Used to translate data between incompatible software packages

Here’s how: “Canvas is loaded with great translators. We use it to convert text searchable PDF files of schematics exported from our Common Electrical / Electronic Data System (CEEDS) into Siemens NX-compatible CGM import files. And we use Canvas to import engineering vector artwork produced in Siemens NX and combine that with color, raster JPG or TIF images in our technical illustrations.”


press reviews

It’s not just our customers who love Canvas X3. The technical press have been impressed by the 3D CAD Model handling capabilities.


“We were blown away by the user-friendliness of Canvas X3’s ability to focus on 2D views of 3D files. There are numerous applications for this program, especially for creating assembly guides and maintenance documents.”

Graphic Speak | CAD Report

“Canvas GFX stands out for its contemporary CAD literacy and its inclusion of GIS content creation tools. As design and engineering industries come together, Canvas GFX has technology that’s right in the middle of the scrum.”