digital work instruction templates

Try Canvas Envision

create 2D and 3D graphics for digital work instructions

Canvas Envision comes preloaded with customizable templates for work instructions, parts manuals, standard operating procedure (SOP) documents and more.

After activating Envision, users can select one of the premade work instructions templates and replace imagery with their own 3D CAD, 2D vector graphics and other visual assets.

Aside from work instruction, SOP and technical documentation templates, Envision also comes with several presentation themes that can also incorporate 3D CAD visuals.

To try Envision's work instruction templates yourself, sign up for a free 14-day trial.

  • 2D drawing and vector graphics
  • Image editing
  • 3D CAD visualization
  • Animation with text to speech
  • Flow charts and process diagrams
  • Smart annotation & dimension tools
  • Charts, tables, symbols
  • Text and document layout
  • Export to JPG, PNG, MP4, and more
System requirements
Requires Windows 10 64bit v1607 or later. Full requirements.
Supported 3D mode file formats/extensions
3D Manufacturing (.3mf), 3DXML (.3dxml), ACIS (.sat, .sab), AutoCAD (.dwg, .dxf, .dwf, .dxfx), AutoCAD Inventor (.ipt, .iam), CATIA Assembly (.CATProduct), CATIA Part (.CATPart), CATIA V4 (.model, .session), CATIA V5 (.CATProduct, .CATPart, .cgr), COLLADA (.dae), Filmbox (.fbx), GL Transmission Format (.gltf, .glb), IGES (.igs, iges), Industry Foundation Classes (.ifc, ifczip), JT Siemens (.jt), NX Siemens (.prt), OBJ (.obj), Parasolid (.x_t,.xmt_txt, .x_b), PRC (.prc), Pro/E/Creo (.asm, .prt), Pro/E/Creo Assembly (.asm), Pro/E/Creo Part (.prt), Revit (.rvt, .rfa), Rhino (.3dm), SolidEdge (.par, .asm, .psm), SolidWorks (.sldasm, .sldprt), SolidWorks Assembly (.sldasm), SolidWorks Part (.sldprt), STEP (.stp, .step, .stpZ), STL (.stl), U3D (.u3d), VDA-FS (.vda), VRML (.wrl, .vrml)

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