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Apple’s Big Sur OS, the successor to Catalina, has now been released and we’re expecting plenty of questions about compatibility with our macOS product Canvas X Draw.

Here’s a quick Q&A for anyone who has already upgraded to Big Sur, or who is planning to soon:

What’s happening with macOS 11 Big Sur?

Apple released Big Sur on November 12, 2020. Developers of all macOS applications, like us, may need to update their products to work with this new OS.

How does Big Sur affect Canvas?

Canvas X Draw, like many other macOS applications, uses fairly low level libraries. So if Apple makes fundamental changes to the OS, we have to make a significant number of updates to our software. Getting all these changes configured is a big job for Canvas as well as many providers of applications that use optimized techniques for drawing to the screen.

What’s happening with Canvas X Draw?

Canvas introduced a **beta** of Canvas X Draw that works on Big Sur on November 18th, 2020 so that our customers who want to move to Big Sur as soon as possible will be able to continue using the product.  We have been working on these changes since the first pre-release of Big Sur, aware that Apple can make changes all the way up to their official OS release.

What if I find issues with the beta?

It’s really important to remember that, because this is a beta, we do not officially support Big Sur right now. If you do encounter an issue with the beta, please don’t hesitate to pass along any feedback to our support team.

Your feedback will help us improve time to market for the official Big Sur-compatible release of Canvas X Draw and, the more detail you can provide, the better!

When will the official release be available?

Our roadmap has an official release scheduled in the early new year 2021. We are quietly confident of hitting our deadline as we were able to work up this beta product reasonably fast.

Where can I get the beta?

You can get it by clicking here! Remember – please let us know of any issues you encounter.

Simon Tipler
Director of Project Management and Product Owner