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Canvas GFX was founded on the vision of making complex product design accessible to people across manufacturing organizations. We transform the way people communicate and comprehend the products they make and how they come together.

Using state-of-the-art technology, we help manufacturers across diverse industries advance their digital transformation efforts. Our flagship product, Canvas Envision, enables customers to extend their digital transformation to the frontlines with best-in-class, model-based work instructions. This award winning, connected knowledge platform significantly improves the experience for both content creators and end users with ease of use, real-time updates, interactive content, and two-way communication between product development and the frontlines.

As a company, we’re committed to helping customers achieve goals not only for quality, efficiency, and time to market, but retention and job satisfaction on the factory floor. Our customers’ success is our success, and we’re behind them every step of the way.

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“We care deeply about improving the experience and impact of frontline workers. We believe they hold critical institutional knowledge and are a lynchpin in the drive toward quality. We give them the tools to do their best work and keep them engaged by letting their voices be heard.”

Patricia Hume, Canvas GFX CEO

The emergence of Industry 4.0 demands a move away from siloed systems, manual processes, and paper-based communication toward interconnectivity, information transparency, and collaboration. Canvas GFX provides manufacturing companies with a pragmatic way to embrace Industry 4.0 and expand digital transformation efforts at their companies.

With Canvas Envision model-based work instructions, there are fewer errors, less scrap, less rework, and no need to backfill. Even better, successful workers are happier and churn less.

Meet the team

Canvas Leadership

Patricia Hume

Chief Executive Officer

A dynamic leader whose career in software and tech spans four decades, including 20 years at the C-level, Patricia is responsible for the company’s strategic vision. With a wealth of cross-functional experience and deep operational expertise across large companies and microcaps, Patricia specializes in driving sustained growth and high-impact turnarounds.

Prior to joining Canvas, Patricia was chief operations officer at iPass, Inc., where she led global customer-facing activities, including sales, marketing, product, business development, strategic partnerships, operations, and customer support until the company’s acquisition in February 2019.

She also served as CRO at Convio, SVP of Global Indirect Channels at SAP AG, group VP of Avaya’s SMB Division, and CEO and president of VerticalNet Markets. She held numerous senior management positions during her 18-year service with IBM and Lotus.

Pat is a member of the board of directors of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), which advocates for the success of American manufacturers. A passionate advocate for diversity in tech, Patricia volunteers for a non-profit organization focused on serving disadvantaged communities in Boston.

Phil Landman

Chief Technology Officer

A gifted developer and technical lead who holds three patents in editing and drawing techniques for graphics software, Phil drives the design and development of the Canvas product suite.

Having worked on the very first version of Canvas for Windows, Phil is steeped in graphics software design. He personally developed the advanced 2D rendering engine which, through many years of evolution under his guidance, still sits at the heart of the Canvas product.

Phil was director of research and development at former Canvas parent companies Deneba Software and ACD Systems, where he also designed and built new licensing and marketing systems from the ground up.

Along with formidable expertise in both desktop and server software development, Phil is highly skilled in product and workflow management, and he enjoys analyzing complex projects and developing elegant, robust solutions.

Becky Darsch

Chief Revenue Officer

An accomplished commercial executive with over 25 years’ sales experience, Becky is responsible for the development and execution of global sales at Canvas. Becky is a transformational leader driven to establish highly competent sales teams that focus on delivering high-impact results to clients and stakeholders. 

She has served in many enterprise sales and sales leadership roles within the information management industry and excels at building long-term client relationships with Fortune 500 and mid-market enterprises. Her true passion is helping clients capture the value of their two greatest assets – their employees and their knowledge.

Prior to joining Canvas, Becky spent five years as VP of sales with documentation software leader Information Mapping, and held multiple leadership roles in over 20 years at TAB. Like Canvas, both organizations are leaders in their respective marketplaces, each helping clients maximize the value of their information.

Becky is an advisor to TASCA Global, a company that focuses on cultural agility. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, volunteering, and staying active.

Join us

Drive innovation and excellence in manufacturing

We’re a group of professionals with deep experience across the software and manufacturing industries, who are dedicated to solving a problem: how to communicate complex product design in a better way. While we don’t currently have open positions, we’re always eager to meet great people, that are committed to the cause. Just send a resume and a brief cover note to careers@canvasgfx.com.

Our company values drive our behaviors and our business.

Our values aren’t just window dressing. They drive everything we do: how we think about our work, how we make decisions, and how we interact with others.

These guiding principles shape how we manage our relationships, not only with each other, but also with our customers, partners, and investors.


Always tell the truth and treat all people with dignity and respect.


Listen to, don’t just hear, what others are saying.


Through active listening we can learn and share what we learn with others.


We come to work every day with passion and a true desire for excellence to get our jobs done.


We understand our goals, are excited for the opportunity, and are ready to achieve them through daily commitment to the company and our teammates.

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