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Envision: the award-winning digital work instructions platform

By making it quick and easy to deliver powerful, interactive instructional experiences for front-line workers, Envision helps you crush those KPIs for quality improvement, cost reduction, and faster time-to-market.

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Envision Creation

Powerful graphics application delivering 2D drawing and image editing combined with 3D model handling for creating technical illustrations, 3D visualizations, and narrated animations.

Envision Portal

Front-line workers and other users can access interactive in-browser instructional experiences, deliver feedback, and capture operational data. Content can be accessed from the Envision platform or embedded into web pages and other platforms including LMS, PLM, MES and more. Available hosted or in your private cloud.

SDK and integrations

Envision can be integrated with existing platforms including PLM and MES, allowing users to create and consume content from within those systems. The Envision Portal SDK allows you to customize the user consumption experience for specific use cases.

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Whether it’s between colleagues, between different teams in the organization, or with your wider ecosystem of suppliers, partners, and customers, failure to communicate effectively and efficiently risks delays, errors, cost, and lost opportunities.

With Canvas Envision, every team across the organization can access a single, powerful solution to collaborate using interactive visual documents that leverage the rich data of your 3D CAD models. From engineering through sales and marketing, all the way to service and repair, Canvas Envision empowers everyone to communicate precisely what they need to about your products.

Envision evCreator technical illustrator screenshot

Envision Creation

technical illustration

Envision offers a uniquely capable creation application to power the creation of rich, interactive digital work instructions.

This browser-based creator app gives technical illustrators and authors the ability to work with 2D graphics, images, and 3D CAD models in a single, intuitive application. No more delays caused by reliance on engineering teams for CAD screenshots or photographs, which become outdated as soon as you hit Save. Just fast, always accurate, technical illustration.

  • 2D drawing and vector graphics
  • Image editing
  • 3D CAD visualization
  • Animation with text to speech
  • Flow charts and process diagrams
  • Smart annotation & dimension tools
  • Charts, tables, symbols
  • Text and document layout
  • Export to JPG, PNG, PDF, MP4, and more
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Envision Portal

The Envision Portal allows front line workers to view interactive digital work instructions in any browser (including intranet for self-hosted deployments), and in an offline mode where connectivity is unavailable.  Users can play animations, view, and manipulate interactive embedded models, easily navigate to external content, and submit comments, feedback, and other data as required.

Document and user management can be handled within Envision or in a master system such as MES or PLM. Interactive viewing is proven to drive faster task completion with fewer errors.  

The Envision platform includes everything the team needs to create and view interactive work instructions, including document storage, collaboration, mark-up and review, and interactive viewing in a turnkey package. You can choose to host Envision on our AWS servers or on your private cloud.

  • Access and consume interactive digital work instructions
  • Interact with embedded models
  • Rotate, pan, ghost, hide, isolate
  • Play animations
  • Submit feedback and other data
  • Offline viewing
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3D model exploded and rotated
evCreator web application screenshot

Integration and SDK

Integrate Envision with existing systems including PLM and MES

The Envision platform makes it easy to create and deliver fully interactive digital work instructions within the systems your team is already using.  Integrate with CAD data management such as PLM to add models to instructional document and ensure instant updates throughout your documents whenever the model changes.  

Integrate with MES to deliver connected digital instruction experiences.  

The Envision Portal SDK lets you build customized consumption experiences in a low-code environment to drive operational excellence on the floor and in the field

  • Connect to PLM, MES, FSM, and more
  • Embed Envision functionality into other systems
  • Drive documentation consumption from existing platforms
  • Deliver sustainable documentation for instant updates and design data changes
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“You really don’t have any competitor doing what Envision does. The amount of power this unlocks for us as a business is unbelievable.”

See how Canvas Envision is driving success for our customers by changing the way they communicate about their products.

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Meet Canvas Envision, the award-winning connected knowledge platform for manufacturing ecosystems

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