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Effective communication is a critical factor in the success of your product. And, to be effective, communication needs to be fast, accurate, and easy for everyone.

Laptop screen3D model of a robotic arm in Canvas Envision

Canvas Envision is the visual communication and collaboration solution that empowers everyone to use 3D CAD models to share and understand essential product information with speed, ease, and precision.

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visual communication that drives success

optimize workflows

Envision cuts the time spent creating all kinds of product documentation by giving everyone a simple to use graphics solution which lets them handle 3D CAD like a pro. That’s true autonomy.

ensure understanding

Because Envision documents are interactive and collaborative, they reduce the time it takes your audience to understand the most important information about your products.

drive faster sales

By enabling prospects and customers to interact with your real 3D CAD models in easy to create customized visual assets, you help them make faster and better-informed buying decisions

we all perform better when we’re on the same page

Whether it’s between colleagues, between different teams in the organization, or with your wider ecosystem of suppliers, partners, and customers, failure to communicate effectively and efficiently risks delays, errors, cost, and lost opportunities.

With Canvas Envision, every team across the organization can access a single, powerful solution to collaborate using interactive visual documents that leverage the rich data of your 3D CAD models. From engineering through sales and marketing, all the way to service and repair, Canvas Envision empowers everyone to communicate precisely what they need to about your products.

“You really don’t have any competitor doing what Envision does. The amount of power this unlocks for us as a business is unbelievable.”

See how Canvas Envision is driving success for our customers by changing the way they communicate about their products.

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Canvas Envision makes work easier. It combines a powerful and intuitive graphics app with cloud-based document viewing and interaction.

Laptop screenEnvision with document open

It gives everybody in your organization the ability to work directly with your existing 3D CAD models, as well as text, photos, vector graphics, charts, symbols and more, to create rich visual documents which can be anything from technical manuals to sales presentations.

And it lets colleagues and downstream viewers interact with your 3D models through any browser, and collaborate with document creators in real time, driving faster knowledge transfer and greater clarity.

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Do you have a PLM installation?

The Canvas Envision Creator can be integrated with your PLM, enabling everyone in your organization to work directly with models and data stored on your PLM.

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Meet Canvas Envision, the new visual communication and collaboration solution which makes it easy to create interactive visual documents that leverage your real CAD models.

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documenting the challenges

At Canvas we understand the challenges posed by product documentation across the organization and we’ve developed Envision to help you solve them.

Read more about the challenges of documentation across the organization.


  • Limited utility of CAD screenshots
    • Software limitations
    • Ineffective communication


  • Restricted access to real CAD models
    • High-cost engineers diverted from core tasks
    • Unsuitable software, awkward workarounds


  • Multiple teams
    • Different software and document formats
    • Varied use cases


  • Static images show only one view
    • Different software and document formats
    • Difficulty feeding back and collaborating


  • Manufacturing processes have accelerated
    • Documentation needs to keep pace
    • Assets can become obsolete in as little as five days

the visual teamwork platform

Canvas Envision combines a powerful desktop graphics application* with access-anywhere cloud collaboration and storage.

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