Sustainable content authoring on a powerful, purpose-built platform

Single solution for 2D graphics, 3D visualization, animation, multimedia, text, tables, and more

Create rich model-based visualizations and animations — with no prior CAD experience

Link model-based content to source CAD for frictionless updates as models change

2023 Winner

New Product of the Year Factory of the Future
The Assembly Show

Instruction authoring made simple

2D and 3D content side-by-side with video, animation, and multi-language text

Rich 3D visualization

Easily create precise views of 3D models, and embed models for interactive viewing

Easy animations

Create easy-to-follow model-based animations to guide workers through critical processes


Embed audio and video content — including existing material — to improve the user experience

2D graphics

Vector graphics and drawing, pixel-level image editing, create charts, symbols, and more

Easy to learn

Intuitive interface

Import 70+ file formats

Update existing content

Envision makes it easy to augment legacy instructional docs with interactive content

Open PDFs

Grab text and graphics from existing PDFs


Vectorize and edit images, add model-based content


Reuse video and publish to Envision platform

Use existing PDF documents

Embed existing video material

Add model-based content

Author interactive, sustainable content - fast

Autonomous workflows optimize authoring of richer, more precise instructional material

70+ file types

Import and work with a huge range of content

30+ 3D formats

Compatible with major 3D CAD formats

5X faster authoring

Optimized, autonomous workflows

No CAD experience required

No dependency on engineering

Visualize and animate


80% faster assembly with interactive work instructions

Ensure precision in every product with detailed, step-by-step instructions.

SaaS or self-hosted

Fully customizable

Integrate and embed

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Canvas Envision: Connected Knowledge for the New Manufacturing Workforce

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SaaS or self-hosted

Fully customizable

Integrate and embed

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