visual communication for everyone

With Canvas X View for Windows, anyone across your organization can access, share and print assets created in Canvas X Pro, Canvas X Geo, and Canvas X Draw
Draw - Features

feature rich - all the tools you need to get the job done

Draw - User Friendly

user-friendly - learn fast with dynamic help functions

Draw - Versatile

versatile - raster and vector graphics in a single app

Draw - Value

great value - just $119 for the complete graphics package

visual communication
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collaboration made easy

Canvas X View is a feature-rich sharing tool for your organization.
View - Select
selection tool

Select, copy and paste objects into other applications with ease.

View - Zoom
check the detail

Zoom in and out to view any part of the document in minute detail.

View - Grid
custom features

Show or hide grids, guides, page breaks, margins, text boxes and more.

View - Presentation
make a presentation

Use the Slide Show palette to showcase documents as full screen presentations.

View - Print
print when you need to

We still need hard copies sometimes. Canvas X View allows users to print as needed.

View - Page
page navigation

Flip pages or slides, and adjust the viewing area to requirements.

1-Year Subscription | $20

Get your copy today.
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1-Year Subscription | $20

Get your copy today.
buy now

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