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Interactive Work Instructions for Aerospace and Defense Manufacturers

Interactive Work Instructions for Aerospace and Defense

Connect frontline workers directly to dynamic digital thread data. Drive up to 5 X faster knowledge transfer, minimizing errors and delays on the shop floor and in the field.

Canvas Envision
March 6, 2023

Connect frontline workers directly to dynamic digital thread data. Drive up to 5 X faster knowledge transfer, minimizing errors and delays on the shop floor and in the field.

Interactive digital work instructions that leverage the latest design data give connected workers the autonomy they need to eliminate production and field service errors and wastage - delivering meaningful economic and efficiency gains.

Canvas Envision puts up-to-the-minute design engineering data at the fingertips of the frontline workers who drive operational success in production, quality, and MRO.

Envision is trusted by the world's most advanced aerospace and defense manufacturers:

  • Complete interactive digital work instruction solution
  • Developed for assembly, training, and MRO use
  • Fast, intuitive creation of interactive 3D documentation
  • Rich 2D graphics, illustration, charts, and symbols
  • Worker-led interactive instructional experiences
  • Available as SaaS, private cloud, or on-premises
  • Integrates with PLM to leverage always-current data

Visualize, animate, consume, interact

Unless manufacturers can align operations with the rate at which product design is evolving – by connecting the worker to the real data in real time – they are destined to limit both their performance, and the value of the data they have invested so heavily to produce.

B-52 re-engine program documentation with 3D jet visualization

Fast, easy content creation allows every worker to create instructional documentation that presents the highly customized slices of PLM data that individual workers need in order to complete their tasks.

Interactive models allow content consumers to pan, rotate, and explode the latest 3D models to ensure absolute clarity on the task.

Narrated animations can be created from complex models in minutes, providing precise guidance on critical tasks

Eliminating errors and delays

Over 90% of U.S. aerospace and defense manufacturers have seen product delays and errors caused by inaccurate or unclear work instructions.

66% say their products are affected by errors and delays because of outdated documentation – and over 60% want documentation to contain 3D visualizations that update automatically when products change.

Training and instructional content that leverages live CAD data to enable full 3D interactivity combined with animations, and rich 2D visuals directly addresses your workforce development and performance challenges.

Canvas Envision makes it easy to create and deliver digital instructions featuring 3D animations, audio and video guides, language selection, and fully interactive 3D models as well as rich 2D visuals – helping teams work faster and with fewer costly mistakes.

Interactive digital instructions are more effective

Academic studies have shown that manufacturing workers perform a new task more efficiently when using interactive and animated digital work instructions than with hard copy and text-based documents.

Studies show workers completing tasks 20% quicker and with 60% fewer errors when using interactive content.

Here's why:

  • Learning from moving images frees the individual from having to imagine a movement depicted by text descriptions or images, allowing them to dedicate their cognitive capacity entirely to fulfilling the task.
  • Animated instructions are able to show objects from all angles, and allow the individual to control the viewing, which increases success and motivation
  • That learning is enhanced when information is presented in a combination of visual and verbal (audio) formats, so it can be processed in multiple ways simultaneously

Train and retain the best teams

The U.S. manufacturing industry faces a serious workforce shortage – and roughly one fifth of the new recruits available to plug these gaps are foreign born, rising towards 30 per cent for some regions.

So how best can manufacturers train new recruits who don’t have English as a first language to ensure maximum performance and productivity?

Almost three quarters of manufacturers believe text-heavy learning material create challenges because of workplace diversity, putting the emphasis firmly on the need for visual and interactive digital material.

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