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Announcing the Canvas GFX Partner Program

Every startup experiences surprises along the way. Our big surprise? The synergistic value of partnerships.

Patricia Hume
February 27, 2024
Announcing the Canvas GFX Partner Program

Several years ago, when we spun Canvas GFX out of its parent company, we started building what I call a “re-startup.” We had a base of technology from our origins as a technical illustration tool, which still had broad applicability in the market. But the mode of technology consumption in the greater market had changed: we needed to make the software available as a platform in the cloud and create a SaaS business.

As with any new venture, there was a period of creative chaos. We did what every startup does: we conducted market research and competitive analysis, then we created a product roadmap and a go-to-market strategy. At every step, we had to make decisions and move forward, even though there was so much we still didn’t know.

What we did know was that there was a need in the market for model-based work instructions with powerful, interactive features and a wide variety of content formats. We proceeded to build Canvas Envision, a collaborative, connected knowledge platform that allows manufacturers to create and consume interactive instructional content for training, assembly and maintenance.

When we went out to customers, they validated our capabilities. We demonstrated value, and people were excited about what the product could do.

But we also uncovered a surprise. We thought enterprise customers would want our capabilities out of the box. Instead, they told us they wanted to preserve their existing workflows, making integration with their existing PLM, MES or QMS pivotally important. They also wanted to configure the system for specific use cases.

What we came to understand was that customers now expect seamless, integrated experiences, and they no longer want to buy from a single vendor. Instead, they expect the best of breed in each category. This feedback opened our eyes to the strategic and synergistic role of partnerships in bringing value to customers.

Early Canvas integration partnerships

We got to work. We established partnerships with several companies either to offer Canvas Envision alongside their PLM or MES software, or to enable customers to integrate Canvas Envision within their existing systems:

  • Aras: Our partnership with Aras allows Canvas Envision users to work directly with data stored on the Aras Innovator PLM platform.
  • Rockwell Automation: Canvas Envision integrates with the Plex MES to ingest 3D model data of existing equipment.
  • SAIC: Customers can access Canvas Envision with the ReadyOne Digital Engineering Ecosystem.
  • Razorleaf: Customers can integrate Canvas Envision with existing PLM, MES or QMS systems.
  • SSI: Envision is available with SSI ShipBuildingPLM
  • Akubica: This Mexican software company resells Envision to the Latin American market

Validation from partners of this quality is no mean feat. In fact, it’s every entrepreneur’s dream.

Who knew when we started that our customers’ needs would open up a route to market for partners?  

Announcing the Canvas Partner Program

We are now expanding our approach. We are launching a formal partner program to streamline the opportunity for new partners in the discrete and process manufacturing industries. Companies can choose one or more of our flexible engagement models to best fit their go-to-market strategy. Whether OEM, system integrator or reseller, you can expand the value of your offering, providing customers with a win-win:


Rapidly augment existing industry solutions for MES, QMS, PLM, PDM, and other manufacturing industry processes with our cloud-based, low code, OEM software development platform.

System Integrator/Consultancy

Play a critical role for Canvas GFX by extending, customizing, and enriching the Envision platform, to deliver innovative and tailored solutions that address critical needs for our customers.


Expand the value of your existing product by integrating Canvas Envision.

The benefits of partnering are many. Both you and your customers benefit from the expanded value proposition. Your company can address a broader range of customer needs with capabilities that complement your product, without building the software yourself. By delivering more value, you can drive higher levels of customer success and satisfaction.

To learn more about the Canvas Partner Program, contact us.


If you are looking to enhance the value of your PLM, MES or QMS offering, take a look at Canvas Envision. Our model-based work instructions don’t require prior CAD experience and significantly reduce errors by making automatic updates when models change. We also offer every imaginable format, including interactive models, animations, videos, text, and narration. Most importantly, because end users can interact with the model, they do the job right the first time.

Through our partnerships, we are helping customers extend the digital thread from a single source of truth to the frontlines. Our combined offerings enable a fully model-based enterprise and make the connected worker vision a reality for an ever greater number of companies.

Augment your value to customers. Talk to us about the Canvas Partner Program.

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Patricia Hume
Chief Executive Officer

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