3D CAD visualizations

easy 3D CAD visualization

The Envision Creator is a powerful and intuitive graphics app which combines easy 3D CAD visualization with text, 2D drawing and vector graphics, photo editing, charts and diagrams, and much more.

It gives everybody – even non-technical users – the ability to create a huge range of visual outputs leveraging 3D models

Envision supports 3D CAD models created in all leading CAD packages.

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remote learning and collaboration

Canvas Envision allows teachers, learners, and teams to easily share, access and consume interactive visual documents created in the Envision Creator graphics app. Our web viewer makes documents accessible through any browser, and powers real-time collaboration between content creators and their audiences.

With the Envision Cloud you have absolute control over who has access to your content, with simple document organization and distribution settings and access privileges.

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remote learning and collaboration
interactive web viewer

seeing is believing. interacting is understanding.

We learn best by experiencing. With Canvas Envision, flat documents and static screenshots of 3D models are a thing of the past. Envision allows people to not only view your documents on the web but to interact directly with them, so they can learn and understand precisely what they need to. With just one click, viewers can pop models out of your documents and manipulate them with ease.

  • createrotate and zoom each model to view from every angle
  • ghost, hide, and isolate individual components to study in detail
  • access and select parts according to model metadata
  • change viewing options including render modes and lighting
  • interact with models in the document or in isolated viewer

create. communicate. collaborate.

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3D CAD visualizations

“You really don’t have any competitor doing what Envision does. The amount of power this unlocks for us as a business is unbelievable.”

See how Canvas Envision is driving success for our customers by changing the way they communicate about their products.

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