complete digital work instructions solution

Envision Cloud Platform

End-to-end solution for creating, managing, and consuming interactive digital work instructions.

Envision Cloud Platform combines the evCreator graphics application with document management, collaboration, mark-up and review, and interactive viewing in a powerful turnkey package.

Available as a hosted solution or for deployment on your private cloud.

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Requires Windows 10 64bit v1607 or later. ▸ full requirements
3D CAD model of a robotic hand in Canvas EnvisionEnd-to-end work instructions platform screenshot3D CAD model of a robotic hand with parts highlighted
interactive work instructions screenshot

interactive digital work instructions

The Envision Cloud Platform allows you to embrace truly interactive digital work instructions for training, production, and MRO.

Your teams will be able to easily access and consume digital instructional content that combines precise 2D illustrations and product visualizations, narrated animations, and interactive embedded 3D models.

Interactive digital instructions are proven to drive faster time to task completion, and reduce error count

  • Create end-to-end digital work instructions
  • Collaborate on creation and review
  • Store and manage all digital instructions
  • Fully interactive instructional experiences
  • Hosted or private cloud deployment
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fast, easy digital work instruction creation

Your interactive digital work instructions journey starts with the evCreator, our powerful desktop graphics application delivering 2D vector and raster graphics combined with 3D model handling for creating technical illustrations, 3D visualizations, narrated animations, and interactive content.

One uniquely capable application that handles the end-to-end creation of interactive digital work instructions

Envision evCreator gives technical illustrators and authors the autonomy to work with a huge range of 2D and 3D assets in a single, intuitive application. Fast, accurate, technical illustration that brings interactivity to your documentation.

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3D model exploded and rotated
interactive web viewer screenshot

interactive web viewer

With the Envision Web Viewer, you can deliver interactive and audio-visual instructional experiences.

Envision allows your downstream document users to not only view your instructional documents on connected devices but to interact directly with embedded 3D models, so they can learn autonomously and understand precisely what they need to. With just one click, viewers can lift models out of your documents, enabling them to:

  • Rotate and zoom each model to view from all angles
  • Ghost, hide, and isolate individual parts
  • Access and select parts according to metadata
  • Change viewing options, including render modes and lighting
  • Interact with models in the document or in embeddable viewer
  • Switch between 'layers' containing different content elements
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real-time collaboration

In a world where distributed teams have become the norm, the ability to collaborate on content creation, regardless of location, is an operational essential.

The Envision Cloud Platform gives users a suite of tools which allow them to inspect, comment, clarify, and request more information. The ability to control privileges makes it easy for teams to work together to create perfect digital work instructions, and for content consumers to check their understanding.

  • View separate document layers and revisions
  • Instant comments and mark-up
  • Freehand annotations
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work instructions collaboration screenshot
work instructions permissions and access management screenshot

easy permissions and access management

The Envision Cloud Platform gives you complete control over how, when, and with whom you share your visual documents.

Customizable workspaces with independent privilege settings let you organize documents according to which ones are in review and which are cleared for publication to a wider audience.

Admin tools allow for easy account management for creators and viewers.

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Two people collaborating

creativity is collaborative

Your teammates can access your .evdocs through the Envision Cloud, and interact directly with the 3D models you embed in the documents. And they can mark-up and comment to offer input, ask questions, and provide clarity.

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You can see and respond to comments directly in the Envision Creator application, bringing you and your teams together wherever you are.

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