3D and 2D UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter

2D and 3D visuals in a single application

Envision evCreator gives technical creatives the autonomy to work with 2D graphics, images and 3D CAD models in a single, intuitive application. No more switching between different apps for different uses, and no more delays caused by reliance on engineering teams for 3D model screenshots.

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powerful 3D visualization

It’s time to say goodbye to screenshots and poor quality images. The evCreator puts sophisticated 3D model handling and visualization at your fingertips – and you don’t need any prior experience of working with 3D CAD.

  • Rotate, pan and zoom your model for precision
  • Linear, spherical, and cylindrical explode modes
  • Ghost, hide and isolate individual parts
  • Create precise cross-section views with cutting planes
  • Create BOM tables and smart labels from metadata
  • Save and edit visualizations with ease.
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3D visualization capabilities
animation pump for standard operational methods sheet

easy animation creation

3D model animations are extremely effective for illustrating product-related processes in assembly and MRO environments.

The evCreator animation tool lets you create precise animations using your 3D models. Simply set a series of key frame positions you want to feature, select an action (explode, ghost, rotate, etc) and evCreator automatically animates the transitions between key frames.

  • Animate product position
  • Select camera angles and actions
  • Change model and part colors and opacity
  • Add text-to-speech audio guides
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vector graphics and 2D drawing

Envision evCreator comes loaded with intuitive 2D graphics tools perfect for creating precise technical illustrations

  • Create and edit shapes, polygons, and multigons
  • Draw perfect arcs, curves, and Bezier curves
  • Freehand drawing with multiple vector brushes
    Smart lines and shapes for easy flow chart creation
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3D and 2D UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter
Annotation smart tool example

smart tools for fast work

A suite of smart tools let you use the evCreator to add clarity and context to your technical illustrations and documents.

Annotations, measurements, BOM tables, symbols, charts, and more make the evCreator a comprehensive solution for visual technical creativity that delivers absolute precision and clarity.

  • Annotation lens for pinpoint magnification
  • smart part name and number annotaions
  • Autotrace for transformation of raster images into editable vector graphics
  • Comprehensive symbol library
    Create and save custom symbols
    Flow charts and process diagrams
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intuitive image editing

Envision evCreator includes a feature-rich photo-editing suite which gives you the ability to easily alter and customize photographs and raster images for inclusion in your technical documents.

  • Edit exposure, hue, saturation, and contrast
  • Pixel-level editing for precise refinement
  • Crop, scale, and adjust image resolution
    Wide range of filters and effects
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intuitive image editing feature in Envision screenshot
3D technical illustration software on a monitor

technical illustration software that increases productivity

Working with a single, built for purpose technical illustration software to create visual technical content helps technical authors, illustrators, and visual communicators work faster and more efficiently.

Canvas evCreator does the work of numerous other applications combined by blending professional graphics tools with rich technical illustration capabilities. Enjoy easy to use 2D drawing, 3D CAD visualization, text flow, raster image handling, and vector graphics. Leverage intuitive one-click smart annotations, automatic measurements, and industrial accuracy.

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3D CAD visualizations

Because you can work directly with 3D CAD data from all leading 3D CAD packages, evCreator gives you complete control over the visualization of your 3D CAD models.

Explode and rotate models, ghost parts, and interact directly with metadata to create bill of materials tables and create instant annotations.

Envision can import and manipulate files created in Solidworks, PTC Creo, Rhino, Catia, Parasolid, Siemens NX, Autodesk, AutoCAD and more.

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3D online CAD viewer

“You really don’t have any competitor doing what Envision does. The amount of power this unlocks for us as a business is unbelievable.”

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