Integrated digital work instructions solution

Envision Enterprise

The interactive digital work instruction solution which integrates fully with an established tech-stack including PLM, document management, and MES.

Envision Enterprise can be deployed on private cloud or on-premises hardware, embedding the functionality for creating and delivering fully interactive assembly instructions, MRO manuals, and training programs within the platforms which are your teams’ primary day-to-day interfaces.

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3D CAD model of a robotic hand in Canvas Envisiondigital work instructions and PLM integration concept3D CAD model of a robotic hand with parts highlighted
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easy, integrated content creation

The evCreator web application used to create, review, and edit digital work instruction documents functions as part of your PLM or document management system.

Integration allows instant access to content assets including 3D CAD models, parts lists, and images, that are stored on your existing systems for use in documentation. And it ensures documents update automatically when assets change.

The Web evCreator delivers all the illustration and visualization power you need to create end-to-end interactive digital instructions featuring precise 2D graphics, 3D model visualizations and animations, text, charts and tables, and fully interactive embedded 3D models.

  • Instruction template and design
  • 2D drawing and vector graphics
  • 3D CAD visualization
  • Animation with text to speech
  • Flow charts and process diagrams
  • Smart annotation & dimension tools
  • Charts, tables, symbols, text
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web-based interactive digital instruction viewer

With our integrated Web Viewer, you can deliver interactive and audio-visual instructional experiences directly from your MES or document management system.

Envision allows downstream document users to not only view instructional documents on connected devices but to interact directly with embedded 3D models and animations, so they can learn autonomously and understand precisely what they need to. With just one click, viewers can :

  • Rotate and zoom each model to view from every angle
  • Ghost, hide, and isolate individual components
  • Access and select parts according to metadata labels
  • Change viewing options, including render modes and lighting
  • Control narrated animations
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web-based interactive web viewer
document usage statistics

understand document usage and user behavior

The Envision Web Viewer also allows for the capture of feedback on step completion, dwell time, and more.

Users can securely access instructional content wherever they are, giving you the ability to closely track where documents are used, by whom, how often, and how effectively they are guiding your key proceses.

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custom integrations

The Envision Enterprise solution is built on custom integrations with your existing tech stack.

We understand that every deployment has unique requirements and challenges.

Schedule time to speak with one of our Enterprise experts today to begin your journey to a fully integrated interactive digital work instructions capability.

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Your teammates can access your .evdocs through the Envision Cloud, and interact directly with the 3D models you embed in the documents. And they can mark-up and comment to offer input, ask questions, and provide clarity.

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You can see and respond to comments directly in the Envision Creator application, bringing you and your teams together wherever you are.

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