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intuitive 2D graphics tools for technical illustrations

Envision evCreator comes loaded with intuitive 2D graphics tools perfect for creating precise technical illustrations

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2D vector drawing in evCreator screenshot

combine 2D and 3D visual assets in a single intuitive app

Envision evCreator gives technical creatives the autonomy to work with 2D graphics, images and 3D CAD models in a single, intuitive application. No more switching between different apps for different uses, and no more delays caused by reliance on engineering teams for 3D model screenshots.

3D and 2D UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter

powerful 2D graphics features

  • Create and edit shapes, polygons, and multigons
  • Draw perfect arcs, curves, and Bezier curves
  • Freehand drawing with multiple vector brushes
  • Smart lines and shapes for easy flow chart creation

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empower your manufacturing enterprise with visual communication and collaboration

Dynamic Product Visualization

Canvas Envision transforms collaboration in manufacturing with a visual platform designed to make internal andexternal communication faster, easier, always accurate, and more impactful.

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2D and 3D CAD Design Review using Canvas Envision

2D and 3D CAD Design Review using Canvas Envision

Canvas Envision’s Design Review capability makes it easy for every stakeholder to access and review critical product information, including 2D drawings, 3D models, images, and more.

All stakeholders are able to access and view designs in the Envision cloud, including fully interactive 3D models, and add mark-ups, comments, suggestions and requirements.

Perfect for distributed teams and organizations.

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data democratization empowers .everyone

Democracy makes essential things available to everyone who needs them. It gives everyone the power to contribute to, and influence, large and important outcomes.

Within an organization, data democratization is no different. By making critical product information available to every qualified person who needs it, and giving them the ability to visualize, communicate, and collaborate using that data, you empower them. Freshly empowered, they are better able to contribute to the movement of the organization towards its own important outcomes.

With Canvas Envision, you can democratize your product data, making it, Accessible, Understandable, and Actionable.

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Why Manufacturing Firms Need to Democratize Datalearn more
2D and 3D CAD Design Review using Canvas Envision

Interactive digital work instructions for manufacturing and MRO

Interactive digital work instructions are proven to drive faster learning and task completion, and reduce errors in manufacturing and MRO processes.

But if your organization is one of the 28% of U.S. manufacturing firms still relying on hard copy documentation – or among the many others using PDF, Word, or PPT docs, evolving to interactive digital work instructions can seem a tall order.

This article looks at the most important things technical authors and content creators need to consider when approaching a shift to interactive digital instructions.

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