easy animation creation

create effective 3D model animations

3D model animations are extremely effective for illustrating product-related processes in assembly and MRO environments.

The evCreator animation tool lets you create precise animations using your 3D models. Simply set a series of key frame positions you want to feature, select an action (explode, ghost, rotate, etc) and evCreator automatically animates the transitions between key frames.

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animation pump for standard operational methods sheet

create animated content from your 3D product models

Animations are proven to be more effective at driving knowledge retention. The ability to embed interactive 3D models which allow user-led learning experiences. Interactivity beats static drawings and text every time.

3D animation of a drone

intuitive 3D animation features

  • Animate product position
  • Select camera angles and actions
  • Change model and part colors and opacity
  • Add text-to-speech audio guides
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step-by-step tutorial

Create Engaging Animations with Your 3D Models

Watch this step-by-step tutorial with Canvas Envision expert Jack Levangie to see how simple it is to make engaging animations using 3D models on the Envision platform.

The animation feature of Envision is perfect for instances when you don't want to grant full model interactivity privileges to your audience, but still need to transfer critical knowledge related to products and processes. The intuitive timeline interface makes rich animation creation accessible to everybody.

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Visual Communication is Essential to Product-based Companies

4 reasons visual communication is essential to product-based companies

Effective communication is critical to the success of your product. And across the entire product lifecycle there is a huge amount of information which needs to be communicated between your internal teams, as well as with external stakeholders such as suppliers and customers. Visual communication is essential to your success in managing this knowledge transfer for five reasons: It’s faster; it transcends language barriers; it’s ideally suited to describing objects; it becomes more powerful as complexity increases; and, finally, because with a little adjustment, you could probably be doing it far more effectively.

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2D and 3D CAD Design Review using Canvas Envision

Canvas Envision’s Design Review capability makes it easy for every stakeholder to access and review critical product information, including 2D drawings, 3D models, images, and more.

All stakeholders are able to access and view designs in the Envision cloud, including fully interactive 3D models, and add mark-ups, comments, suggestions and requirements.

Perfect for distributed teams and organizations.

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Visual Communication is Essential to Product-based Companies

Interactive digital work instructions for manufacturing and MRO

Interactive digital work instructions are proven to drive faster learning and task completion, and reduce errors in manufacturing and MRO processes.

But if your organization is one of the 28% of U.S. manufacturing firms still relying on hard copy documentation – or among the many others using PDF, Word, or PPT docs, evolving to interactive digital work instructions can seem a tall order.

This article looks at the most important things technical authors and content creators need to consider when approaching a shift to interactive digital instructions.

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Creating 3D model animations in Canvas Envision