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What is Canvas Envision?

Envision is a collaborative platform for authoring, managing, and consuming model-based, interactive instructional content for manufacturing use cases, including assembly, training, and maintenance. It connects front-line workers to real-time knowledge that enables them to do the job right, every time. It can be deployed as a standalone platform or integrated to augment the capabilities of existing systems, including PLM, MES, QMS, and more. It is a highly flexible solution with a powerful SDK for configuring authoring and viewing experiences.

What does the Envision platform consist of?

There are three primary functions of the Envision platform:

Create – The Envision Creator authoring tool is an intuitive browser-based application that enables users to create interactive instructional material combining fully interactive 3D CAD visualizations and animations, model metadata, audio and video content, images, tables, text, and more.

Interact – Envision content can be interacted with by end users in a standard browser as well as offline using a tablet app. Workers can easily play animations, interact with embedded models, switch between layered content (for example, 2D and 3D experiences or content in different languages), respond to compliance requests, confirm task completion, and route comments and feedback to content authors and peers.

Manage – Envision offers a comprehensive document management and user access environment that allows for version controls, collaboration, document sharing and access, and user management.

In addition, the Envision SDK delivers highly configurable authoring and content interaction experiences

How do I deploy Envision?

Envision can be deployed as a SaaS solution in our AWS and AWS.Gov or Microsoft Azure clouds, deployed in your private cloud (AWS/AWS.gov/Azure/Google) or hosted on your on-premises hardware.

How hard is it to create work instructions in Envision?

It’s easy. The Envision Creator application has an intuitive and familiar ribbon-style interface, and you don’t need any previous technical experience to work directly with 3D CAD to create model visualizations and animations.

Annotations and labels using model metadata can be added with a single click. Adding images, multimedia content, text, and tables is straightforward, and template creation and layout are simple to manage.

Our models change frequently. How would we update content?

Envision integrates with CAD data management solutions such as PLM, maintaining a link between model-based content and source data, so updates can be rapid and frictionless (author approval required). You can also update from networks and local drives.

What CAD formats can I work with?

Envision Creator can work with over 30 CAD formats and a host of other content types. For a full list of file types which can be worked with in Envision check our Knowledge Base.

Can I edit CAD with Envision?

No, Envision does not make changes to source CAD data. We import a lightweight version of the model in a proprietary format which allows for visualization, animation, and embedded interactive content.

Do you have version control?

Yes, we have full document management and workflows from authoring, through collaborative review, publishing, and version management.

What document formats does Envision publish?

Envision uses the proprietary. evdoc format which allows for interactive model-based experiences, embedded multimedia content, switchable layers, feedback capture and more.

Can I publish to PDF?

Envision supports export to PDF but this results in the loss of Envision’s advanced interactive experiences.

Can I work with existing instructional documents?

You can extract graphics and other 2D assets from PDFs which can be reused in Envision along with model-based content. You can also use existing video content within the platform.

How are instructions used in Envision?

Envision content is consumed via a browser or tablet app directly from the Envision platform – whether on our cloud, on a private cloud, or from an on-premises hardware deployment

Does Envision work in offline environments?

Yes. We have offline consumption in our tablet application which allows users to temporarily store instructional content to their local devices

Is Envision the same as 3D PDF?

No. Both our document format (.evdoc) and our 3D visualization are proprietary. Plus, you can present 2D graphics, interactive content, images, animations, video and more in a single document.

I have a multilingual workforce. How can you help with that?

Envision's smart layer function enables content within a document to be hidden or exposed on demand. This is perfect for providing instructions in multiple languages within a single document.

Can I tell when tasks and steps are complete?

Yes. Envision can capture and route feedback and other data from operators and technicians on the floor and in the field, and track events within the document such as step completion

Can I view Envision content on my existing systems?

Yes. Envision content can be displayed anywhere HTML can be And With our SDKs, you can embed the Envision experience into other platforms, such as MES, PLM, QMS, and more.

What deployment options are available?

We offer a hosted SaaS service (AWS/AWS.gov) as well as the ability to deploy in your private cloud (AWS, AWS.gov, Azure, Google), and on your own on-premises hardware

Do you integrate with other systems?

Yes, with our SDK you can integrate with PLM, MES, QMS, document management, and other enterprise systems. Check out our integrations page

How much does it cost?

The Envision platform is priced in tiered subscriptions. For more information on pricing speak to one of our team.

Our CAD data is highly sensitive, is it safe on your system?

Yes – Envision is SOC 2 compliant and we support SSO and Multi-factor authentication. For maximum security, private cloud and on-premises deployment options are recommended

What is your support policy?

For more information on support check out our terms page.

Does Envision use Aras Permissions to access 3D Data?

Yes, the user only has access to data in Aras Innovator according to their identity.

How do users create documents in Envision when integrated with Aras Innovator?

Users can create new Documents with the EV Classification, and create new evDocs, which will launch Canvas Envision in the Browser. The Aras-integrated Envision instance has a PLM tab in the menu, so the user can import PLM Data, update PLM Data, and Save files (evDocs) back to Aras Innovator.

Does Canvas Envision content automatically update when integrated with Innovator?

Content embedded from Aras Innovator maintains a link to the source data and supports a feature called “Update Linked Data”. This allows the user to update linked data with new versions from Aras Innovator. This is not a ‘silent’ operation and is user-initiated. Using this logic, the appropriate version of content is maintained in each version released of the Document.

How do Aras Innovator users view documents created in Envision?

Users who have permission (who are part of the evViewers identity in Aras Innovator) will be able to view evDocs in the SSVC (Secure Social Visual Collaboration) Viewer in the context of Aras Innovator, or anywhere the document is related to an Aras Innovator Item.

Does Envision support the generation of Graphics?

Yes, Envision can create versionable graphics, in the form of .pngs output to Graphic Items using the Document Item - evGraphic classification. These Graphics can be used throughout Aras Innovator, in applications such as Technical Documents.

Do Canvas Envision Documents maintain the Digital Thread?

Yes, Canvas Envision Documents are controlled (history, version) in Aras Innovator using the Document ItemType. They can be released using Change Management workflows, which are supported in Aras Innovator. The document's PLM contents, such as 3D, graphics, and tabular data, are tracked in a ‘Manifest’ so there is traceability on the Document contents; the document is picked up in the Impact Matrix when one of the embedded Items is changed.

What aspects of the Canvas Envision Integration can be customized?

Aspects of the Aras Innovator package (such as the Items that manage Envision files), as well as the data model that supports the import of 3D Models, Images, and Tables, can be customized by the Customer or by Razorleaf, which manages the Aras configuration and middleware layer of the Canvas Envision Integration.

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