Create Engaging 3D Model Animations in Canvas Envision

step-by-step tutorial


Watch this step-by-step tutorial with Canvas Envision expert Jack Levangie to see how simple it is to make engaging animations using 3D models on the Envision platform.

The animation feature of Envision is perfect for instances when you don't want to grant full model interactivity privileges to your audience, but still need to transfer critical knowledge related to products and processes. The intuitive timeline interface makes rich animation creation accessible to everybody.

Users simply position their models in a series of 'keyframe' visualizations and select the type animated transitions they'd like to see between each keyframe, as well as the time between each step.

Envision fills in the gaps automatically, so with a couple of clicks your animation is ready. Combine the ability to animate location, color, opacity, and camera angles with Envision's rich 3D model visualization functions including explode, rotate, ghost, and more.