Dynamic product visualization for .everybody

empower your manufacturing enterprise with visual communication and collaboration


Communication clarity in manufacturing is essential, and often elusive

Modern global manufacturing operations involve complex workflows, distributed teams, uncertain supply chains, and intricate product lifecycles. And complexity is increasing with changing workforce demographics, technology advancements, and customer expectations for accelerated product iteration and development.

Today, clear communication and collaboration is essential across manufacturing teams at every stage of product development. But there are ongoing barriers to effective collaboration, including cumbersome legacy processes, fragmented information, sheer documentation volume, outdated content, and disconnected technologies.

Canvas Envision transforms collaboration in manufacturing with a visual platform designed to make internal andexternal communication faster, easier, always accurate, and more impactful.

Discover key ways Envision improves collaboration for .everyone:

  • .every team collaborates visually
  • .everyone understands more
  • .every visual is fresh
  • .every product goes to market faster
  • Canvas Envision: what's next in collaboration is here now