PLM + Envision: Digital thread to the workforce

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is the single source of truth for all product data. PLM underpins the Digital Thread, informs other core systems such as ERP and MES, and ensures critical business processes are managed and optimized according to the most current data.

Manufacturing organizations now need to make that data truly work for them, by extending the digital thread to the front line workers responsible for production and output.

Canvas Envision integrates with Aras Innovator PLM, enabling anyone within your organization to create and consume interactive digital instructional documents that leverage up-to-the minute design data.

leverage the power of your PLM data

Thirty years of innovation in design engineering solutions shows no sign of abating, and the rate at which new design data can now be produced is forcing a damaging bottleneck in its effective usage.

Frontline workers struggle to access and consume the product data they need to do their jobs – while the industry rightly promotes the importance and benefits of the Connected Worker.

Having first invested billions in CAD solutions and then backed that investment with  PLM spend aimed at organizing the output, the industry now needs to focus on the third phase in digital transformation: Connecting the data to the worker.

Product data that is always accurate, and always current, must be easily accessible in filtered, customized, and contextualized slices that guide frontline manufacturing ecosystem workers in the execution of the specific task in front of them.  

This third phase is critical to fully unlocking the value of the data and the prior phase investments, and to ensuring operational excellence for manufacturers in an increasingly competitive environment.

the combined power of Canvas Envision and Aras Innovator

Check out this video to see how our unique combination of sophisticated 3D model handling, rich 2D graphics, and intuitive illustration features make it easy to create precise visualizations for Technical Documents using data stored within Aras Innovator.

Show exactly what your audience needs to see, insert graphics into Technical Publications, product manuals and other documentation, with support for version control, digital thread traceability, and more.

Build animations from 3D CAD models stored on Innovator and save them back to your PLM as video files

And create entire documents blending visualizations, animations, embedded interactive models and more.

Maximize the Value of Your PLM and 3D CAD Data

With the new integration, Envision users can insert graphics into technical publications, product manuals and other manufacturing documentation with version control support, digital thread traceability, and more. Build animations from 3D CAD models stored on Innovator and save them back to your PLM as video files. And create entire documents blending visualizations, animations, embedded interactive models and more.

Interactive digital work instructions

Design engineering generates huge volumes of data. PLM does the plumbing; it keeps tracks of versions, sends data to the right places, and is great at orchestrating workflows. And it lets you visualize 3D CAD. But PLM won’t let you take the 10 or 15 other sources of data it houses and rapidly aggregate them, along with the CAD data, into intuitive and easy to consume pieces of content which meet the unique contextual requirements of all the stakeholders in manufacturing.

Canvas Envision Creator is a powerful and easy to use desktop graphics application which gives everyone – even non-technical users – the ability to leverage real 3D CAD models to create interactive visual documents.

With Canvas Envision integrated with Aras Innovator, your teams can leverage multiple data formats stored on your PLM to create highly customized slices of visual intelligence which show precisely what individual members of the workforce need to see in order to execute on the task in front of them.

Whatever information needs to be consumed, Envision integrated with Aras Innovator puts you in complete control, so you can put your audience in the picture.

  • Complete interactive digital work instruction solution
  • Developed for assembly, training, and MRO use
  • Fast, intuitive creation of interactive 3D documentation
  • Rich 2D graphics, illustration, charts, and symbols
  • Worker-led interactive instructional experiences
  • Available as SaaS, private cloud, or on-premises
  • Integrates with PLM to leverage always-current data

collaborative creativity

Envision is about working together.

You can share the documents you’re working on with colleagues and team members wherever they’re located. They can interact, mark-up, feed-back, clarify, and sign off. Perfect for working in distributed teams, for checking product details with your engineering team and for clearing the finished document with sales and business development teams.

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