Interactive digital work instructions for Aerospace and Defense

How you instruct and guide workers from the assembly floor to the field MRO teams to carry out critical production and maintenance work on your products is pivotal to success.

Adopting the right approach can help to reduce production-line and maintenance errors, product wastage and rework, and time to market delays – all crucial gains at a time of global supply chain disruption.

These are real problems, affecting over 90 per cent of U.S. aerospace and defense manufacturers, according to the latest research.

It can even improve your ability to retain the best manufacturing talent in the aerospace & defense industry.

Mitigate supply chain disruption

The Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey published by the National Association of Manufacturers identifies supply chain challenges and raw material and transportation/logistics costs as three of the top four challenges facing manufacturing companies today.

Against that backdrop, errors and delays in the manufacturing process become even more damaging, and the need to reduce them increasingly urgent. Backfilling wastage is expensive and time consuming.

Yet research shows that over 90% of U.S. aerospace and defense manufacturers have seen product delays and errors caused by inaccurate or hard to understand work instructions in the past two years.

Reduce errors and delays

In addition, two-thirds of U.S. aerospace manufacturers say their products have been affected by errors and delays because of outdated documentation in the past two years – and over 60% would like documentation to contain 3D visualizations that update automatically when products change.

Interactive digital work instructions areproven to help manufacturing workers execute tasks quicker, and with fewermistakes than text-heavy and hard copy instructions.

Canvas Envision makes it easy to create and deliver work instructions featuring 3D animations, audio and video guides, fully interactive 3D models as well as rich 2D visuals – helping teams work faster and with fewer costly mistakes.

Train and retain the best teams

The U.S. manufacturing industry faces a serious workforce shortage – and roughly one fifth of the new recruits available to plug these gaps are foreign born, rising towards 30 per cent for some regions.

So how best can manufacturers train new recruits who don’t have English as a first language to ensure maximum performance and productivity?

Almost three quarters of manufacturers believe text-heavy learning material create challenges because of workplace diversity, putting the emphasis firmly on the need for visual and interactive digital material.

Interactive digital instructions are proven to be more effective

Academic studies have shown that workers are able to perform a new task 20% quicker and with 60% fewer errors when using interactive and animated digital work instructions than with hard copy and text-based documents. Here's why:

  • Learning from moving images frees the individual from having to imagine a movement depicted by text descriptions or images, allowing them to dedicate their cognitive capacity entirely to fulfilling the task.
  • Animated instructions are able to show objects from all angles, and allow the individual to control the viewing, which increases success and motivation
  • That learning is enhanced when information is presented in a combination of visual and verbal (audio) formats, so it can be processed in multiple ways simultaneously

Get started with Canvas Envision today

Canvas Envision is the simple and intuitive solution for creating and consuming visual, multimedia, and interactive content used to train and instruct manufacturing shop floor workers, product users and MRO teams.

It is available as a hosted service, can be installed in your private cloud, or on your on-premises hardware. It is designed to integrate with existing document management, PLM, MES, and other manufacturing software platforms.

Canvas Envision helps you overcome problems associated with and caused by sub-optimal instructional documentation. Here’s how:

  • Rapidly improve existing documentation with rich 2D & 3D visual content
  • Enable all content creators to work with 3D CAD with no prior specialized training
  • Quickly build narrated video animations from 3D models
  • Build interactive 3D content which can be embedded on websites and other platforms
  • Create and deliver fully interactive digital work instruction experiences

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